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How to Know if You're in Alignment... or Not

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8 Golden Questions to Ask For

Perfect Clarity 

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a list of questions that you could hang up on your fridge or the bathroom mirror, that would like... you know... give you uber clarity about whether or not you were in alignment with your dreams, desires and ultimate destiny?

Ha, well, since you're here, the Universe has definitely conspired in your favor. Because guess what? That list is below, and OMG, it's the list that you've been needing and wanting without even knowing it!

Deliberate manifestation can take years to master if you are unaware of these 8 important questions. These questions come directly from my "Manifest Your Ultimate Destiny Challenge" a 30-Day challenge that is changing the lives of men and women around the globe.

With them, it's so easy to gain instant clarity about where you might be going amiss. Without them, you might wonder where the heck you went wrong on your manifestation journey and why you manifested what you didn't want.

So whenever you're manifesting what is NOT wanted, return to this list to gain clarity. Whenever you feel impatient about your dream manifesting ('cause don't we all?), return to this list. Whenever you're ready to give up on your precious dream, yup, you guessed it... return to this list.

Before I give you the questions, it's SUPER important to know whether your desires are in alignment with your True Self or if they come from some other place (like guilt or fear or negative programming etc.). This is like the Pre-step that MUST be in real alignment. If not, you'll only continue to manifest what you don't want (trust me, I've done it more than once and it sucks). To read about the True Self, CLICK HERE.

So... without further ado ('cause I'm sure you're drooling to learn about these 8 questions), here are the 8 Golden Questions!

1. Are my THOUGHTSin alignment with what I want?

Are you aware of the around 60,000 thoughts that pop into your head every single day? NO? Don't worry. Neither am I. It's impossible to be aware of them all. I mean, seriously... who has time to be aware of 60,000 thoughts? So how do we get our thoughts to be in alignment with what we want? Well, there are 2 ways. 1. Use your imagination to create new thoughts that are in alignment with what you want, or, 2. If a bad-feeling thought comes up, acknowledge it, then move onto a better-feeling though. In other words... only give your attention to the thoughts that you want to manifest. 

2. Are my FEELINGS in alignment with what I want?

Are you aware of how you are feeling most of the day? Most of us are so used to the emotions we feel that we believe they are who we are. However, a feeling is not who you are. You are the observer of the feeling, a divine being who was placed here on earth to manifest your ultimate destiny. If your feelings are not in alignment with what you desire, it's time to deliberately create good feelings inside of you. You can do this in a number of ways but here's my favorite: Find things to appreciate, and go on a rampage of appreciation. Soon you'll be feeling so amazing, the bad feeling has completely vanished.

3. Are my BELIEFS in alignment with what I want?

We all pick up programming as kids and for the most part this is all good and dandy. However, sometimes we have beliefs that sabotage our desires, beliefs that say things like, I'm not (smart, pretty, thin, good) enough, or I don't deserve what I want. If you find yourself not believing you can achieve what you really want, it's time to swap your programming in for a better one. In my "Manifest Your Ultimate Destiny Challenge," we do just that.

4. Are my WORDS in alignment with what I want?

Do you pay attention to the words you speak? To the words you write? To the words you text or email? The Universe is always observing every word you utter. And you are always observing, too, whether you are conscious of it or not. Have you heard of the saying, "Abrakadabra?" It literally means, "I create what I speak." So choose your words wisely so you can create what you desire.

5. Are my ACTIONS in alignment with what I want?

Are your actions in alignment with what you desire or are you sabotaging your manifestations with actions that are not in alignment with your dreams? Do you eat unhealthy when you're trying to lose weight? Do you sleep in instead of going to the gym? Do you go out with friends and party instead of working on the business you want to start? Make certain at least 80% of your actions are in alignment with your desires, and your desire will surely manifest.

6. Is my PERSONALITY in alignment with what I want?

Most people believe that their personality is who they are. However, 90% or more of your personality is nothing more than the programming you're running on, AKA, the beliefs about yourself you hold to be true. When I work with clients, many of them look at me as if I have a third eye growing out of my forehead when I tell them they have to change their personalities. This is because we're so attached to our beliefs about who we are, and it terrifies us to change. It makes us feel insecure and as if we'd be erasing ourselves. But when you start to realize who you truly are, you will be relieved to know that you are not your personality and all the limitations associated with it. You are a limitless being of light and love with limitless potential, a divine being here on earth to create your ultimate destiny. If you want to manifest your dreams and haven't yet been able to, you need to change your personality.

7. Are my OUTER WORLD PHYSICAL MANIFESTATIONS in alignment with what I want?

Your outer world manifestations are things like cars, trips, relationships, jobs, money, etc. Everything you can see, smell, taste, hear, or touch. People think this is where it's all at and that this is where all the work needs to be done. But are you starting to see that all the work for deliberate manifestation is inner work? Your outer world manifestations are clues to what it is you're vibrating on the inside. They are the result of your thoughts, feeligs, beliefs, words, actions, and personality. If you are not manifesting what you want, more inner work is needed. Just observe what is, and if it's not what you want, don't get all crazy cranky or depressed. Just go back and align some more.

8. Is the vision of my DESTINY in alignment with what I want?

Do you have a CLEAR vision about what the life of your wildest dreams looks like? Do you know what it feels like? Do you, in your mind's eye, see the experiences you'll have and who you will be with? When you think of your dream (like a relationship, or a career, or anything else), do you feel bad because you believe you can't have it? Do you try and not think of it because it makes you feel sad? If so, you are sending negative emotion toward your dream and destiny. The vibration you're sending to the Universe is the vibration of sadness or dissatisfaction or frustration. This is what the Universe will mirror back to you. It's super important to FEEL good about your dreams and destiny. If not, it's going to be a long while until you manifest them into your reality.

As you can see, inner alignment is so important when it comes to manifesting what you desire. When we feel negative and hopeless, sad and depressed, anxious and frustrated, our dreams cannot manifest. Coming to the place of being in alignment can take a lot of work, but I promise you that it's an amazing place to be and you'll manifest what you want so much faster! And isn't that what we all want?

In Conclusion

To become a master manifestor, all you need to do is match your beliefs with your desires. 


If you're ready to take charge of your life and shift your beliefs in a big way, I highly recommend my 30-Day Manifest Your Ultimate Destiny Challenge. This will help you rewrite your beliefs so you can start living the reality of your wildest dreams. 

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