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'3 Secrets to Make Quality Men Chase You' 

will be in your inbox within the hour.

Before you go, now that you have the 3 secrets to make quality men chase you, you must have a way to keep him and make him commit to you.

This is a VERY special ONE-TIME offer.


Get My "Get Him Hooked on You" 4-week program to create the attraction, the repeated interest, and eventually, the commitment of the man of your dreams.







Do you want the confidence and know-how to attract and keep the man of your dreams?

Would you like to have high-caliber men approach you?


How would you feel about your life…

...if you had the man of your dreams committed to you?


Most women are tired of dating…


Most women struggle to find and attract quality men…


BECAUSE they don’t know how to have the confidence and use their femininity to attract and keep a man.

Would you like to be one of the women who easily magnetizes men to her?

Here are the 3 Big TRAPS to Avoid when dating...


Trap # 1:

Believing the lie, "I am not good enough."


I used to go on dates and would get mixed results. Some guys would breadcrumb. Some would ghost. Some would just want to hook up. 


It wasn't until I believed in my value, truly loved myself, and gained unshakable feminine confidence that things changed. 

Before that, dating was frustrating and confusing. It cost me a lot of emotional pain, heartache, and self-doubt.

My self-worth spiraled downward.

Without confidence, self-love, and self-trust, get ready for more disappointments, to get played, and to have men blow hot and cold.

Lacking confidence, you will attract men who affirm to you your lack of confidence and feelings of self-worth...

...and you DO NOT want that.

A Kiss

Trap # 2:

Most women have never REALLY learned how powerfully attractive Feminine Energy is to a man.

When you change your energy, you become a powerful magnet for men.

I have taught women how to tap into their feminine energy, and as a result, men became mesmerized.

Men can't resist a powerfully feminine woman.

Would you like to know how to utilize your feminine energy?

If you don’t know how, you will be dating in the dark.... and men will breadcrumb... ghost... go elsewhere to find it.

picnic mand and woman.jpg

Trap # 3:

Lacking Confidence and Becoming Needy Instead of Inspiring Him to Commit

Men can sense neediness​ miles away. But the trick isn't to pretend not to be needy... the trick is to not BE needy.

When I  teach women how to date in rotation, to unconditionally love themselves and give themselves EVERYTHING they need. ... all neediness is gone.

Instead, women can be free to date and receive from men so she doesn't feel she's the beggar, but instead, the queen. 

In "Get Him Hooked on You" I outline how to date in rotation... an empowering way to date.

Outdoor Wedding Shoot

Get Him Hooked on You is 3 Programs in 1


"Confident and Feminine" 

The 14-Day Program that helps you to love yourself, trust yourself, to develop self-confidence. It helps you to transform fear to faith and to get rid of your limiting beliefs about men and dating, all the while giving you empowering beliefs. Confidence is super attractive to high caliber men and makes you unforgettable. Without it, you'll just be one of those women who he easily forgets.


"The Magic of Feminine Energy" 

The 7-Day program that teaches you about femininity, something that makes you irresistible to men. It helps you connect with the feminine that is inside you and to tap into your beautiful heart and intuition. This program alone will do so much for you to attract quality men.  And they won't be able to resist you! You see, most women approach dating from a place of masculinity. However, it's your femininity that men find irresistible!


"Rotation Dating"

The 7-Day program that teaches you all about the ins and outs of rotation dating. This helps greatly reduce the risk of becoming attached to one man too early and become needy.... the #1 attraction killer for quality  men. It teaches you about different types of men, it teaches you about YOU, and what you need to feel amazing. It helps you gain clarity and sets you up for success and empowerment in the dating world.

Evelyn Headshop pro.jpg

Following these 3 steps above,

I get asked out several times a week by high caliber men like successful business owners, engineers, lawyers, even film directors!

And my clients have the same success rate as me.

Not only that... several of them have gotten engaged and married!

Pretty awesome. Right?

I want you to have the dating and relationship success I am and my clients are enjoying and that's why I created this program for you.


We NON-natural daters need to stick together.

To some women, this comes naturally, but I had to learn it.

And once you do, you'll easily and naturally attract high caliber men that want to spoil you and want to commit to you.


Get the PDF download to

"Your Dream Relationship Visualization."

Once you have my visualization method, you’ll have within your possession a powerful visualization practice... the easiest and fastest way to reprogram your mind so you can have the relationship you want.

This one visualization alone is priceless when it comes to rewiring your mind for success with men.





2 FREE 30-minute sessions with me, one at the start of your program and at the end of 4 weeks. Everyone needs support and guidance and it's my free gift to you!

Meet a Few of My Clients That All are Dating or have Married The Man of  Their Dreams

Emily headshot.jpg

Digital Marketer

Emily Warner

Well it has happened..... I married the love of my life! 


I have never had the feeling of such completeness as I do now. He is everything I wanted and so much more! I feel a connection with him I never knew existed. My days with him have been like being in the movies.


He has adopted my cute dog like she was his own! 


Thank you for all of your wisdom and support. I love him like I love myself. He truly treats me like a Queen and I am so grateful to have him as my King! 


I love you and thank you for everything! 



Sonja Peterson

I will be forever grateful to you Evelyn. I was struggling in my relationship and you helped me gain clarity and so much confidence. Instead of fighting all the time, my husband and I have a much more fun and fulfilling relationship... All because I learned to tap into my feminine energy.  Evelyn's perspective and mentorship is absolutely priceless. I give Evelyn and any of her coaching or programs my highest recommendation.


Sales Manager

Heather Gresham

Evelyn was amazing. I had just gone through a divorce and was starting to date when I came to her. I was struggling with quite a few different emotions but one of the biggest things that I was struggling with were beliefs I had about myself. I had gone to a couple of therapists before but still needed help. Evelyn helped me to realize where the thoughts and beliefs I had been having had stemmed from and helped me to be able to give myself a better view of myself and to be able to deal with the hardships I'd been through. No other therapist had done that for me. Evelyn genuinely cares. I would 100% go to her again and refer anyone I know to her.

What’s the Cost of Inaction:

  •  You will remain confused about men and dating

  •  You'll continue to have low self-confidence when it comes to dating

  •  Another woman will attract and keep the man you want

  •  You will Struggle to get high caliber men to date you

  •  You could be left broken-hearted

  •  You'll continue to make the same mistakes in dating

  •  Your life will suffer because you can't have the real relationship you want

  •  You will not reach your full potential because you won't be with and marry the right man for you

  •  You'll always keep wondering where you went wrong

  • Men will continue to ghost... bread-crumb... blow hot and cold...

NORMALLY $199.00 for the 4-Week Program

Get it TODAY for ONLY $99.00

Order now to get

Instant Access




Become Confident and Feminine and Get th


Don't wait to get the man you deserve.

 There's only one smart choice to make today.

Get the program NOW!

Who's this for:


Women who are single or divorced and are looking for that special someone...

  •   If you want to date higher caliber men with less effort, this is for you

  •   If you are BRAND NEW to dating, this is for you

  •   If you have been dating for some time without luck, this is for you

  •   If you have in the past or are currently attracting toxic or unfulfilling relationships, this is for you

  •   If you are confused about dating and often feel frustrated that men breadcrumb, ghost, or blow hot and cold, this is for you

Who's this NOT for:


Women who are single or divorced and want to remain single...

  •   If you want a quick fix and are not looking to learn and apply new things

  •   If you aren't willing to put in any effort, then this is not for you

  •   If you'd rather criticize men than learn to understand them, then this is not for you

  • If you just want one or two "tricks" to fix everything, then this is not for you

  • If you aren't open to love, then this is not for you

  • If you'd rather complain than do something, then this is not for you

What Could This Program Give You?


  • The confidence to date high caliber men

  • Commitment from your man if he's dragging his feet

  • Breaking free from feeling like a beggar in the dating world to being the irresistible woman men cherish

  • Creating a sense of inner security and stability

  • The knowledge to attract any man and keep him

  • A feeling of worthiness in your relationships

  • Tools and techniques to uplevel your dating experience

  • Confidence in yourself

  • A deep connection with yourself and your femininity... which is irresistible to men

  • A deeper connection with your man

  • Your dream relationship.

  • And so much more...

Bridal Bouquet

Again, because you downloaded

"3 Secrets That Will Make Quality Men Chase You"

this is​ your ONE time offer.

Want to stand out in the dating world? Want men to chase you instead of bread crumb and ghost? Want to feel confident, calm, happy, and desired? Want to become a high caliber man-magnet?

You'll want to get this program:


NORMALLY $199.00 for the 4-Week Program

Plus Bonus: Dream Relationship Visualization


Get it TODAY for ONLY $99.00




Order now to get

Instant Access



Become Confident and Feminine and Get th
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