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Awaken Your Inner Money Genius


The Secret to Having the Money You Want Might Not Be What You Think

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Awaken your inner Money Genius Square co

Over 80% off for a very limited time!

I used to believe money was hard to make. In my mind, I'd always say things like, "I can't afford that," and "I never have enough money," and "Why can't I make enough money?"

Can you relate?

Most of us weren't raised in a wealthy environment... around people who had wealth mindsets...


Our parents and grandparents had to work "hard" to just make ends meet. They struggled with money, and so we saw first-hand that money is hard to make.

We came to believe that money was hard to make and that there would never be enough... and we repeated the cycle and are stuck just trying to pay the bills.

The secret to making the money you want is outlined in my 14-Day "Awaken Your Inner Money Genius" program. It's for people who don't want to remain stuck in the cycle of just trying to get by.

Does this sound like you?

-You find yourself constantly saying, "I can't afford that."

-You find yourself struggling to just make ends meet.

-You believe money is hard to make.

-You are struggling to make enough money.

-Money is a source of stress instead of joy.

-You don't know how to get out of the rat race of working hard and paying your bills.

-You find yourself wanting to make more money but never figure it out.

Do you fear you'll never make the money you truly want?


I know the feeling, and that's why I developed a program to help you awaken your inner money genius.

Awaken Your Inner Money Genius will help eliminate your disempowering beliefs about money—beliefs that have kept financial success beyond your reach. Wealth genius can be learned, and is the most powerful means to an abundant life. But so few of us know about the powerful secrets that make manifesting money easy, and far fewer utilize them.

Awaken your inner Money Genius Square co
In this 14-Day Program, you will learn:
• How to uncover the beliefs that are preventing you from making the money you want.
• What thoughts put your money manifestations into hyper-drive
• How to align with limitless thinking 
• How to become a money magnet instead of a money repellant, making you a money genius
• How to release resistance against abundance
• That you create your reality, and that your natural state is a state of limitless abundance
• How to tap into inspiration, the birthplace of money creation... and so much more!
Be prepared for change! (When I shifted my mindset to the mindset I outline in this program, I increased my income by 1,243% in 2 months!) When you apply these powerful secrets and practices, you may experience a radically changed life... a life of ease, gratitude, personal freedom and limitless abundance.


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My name is Evelyn Johansen and I am a mindset mentor, an emotional intelligence coach, a deliberate manifestation expert, and a bestselling author who specializes in bringing abundance to men and women in all areas of life.


As a single mother of 3 children, I KNOW how hard it can be when money is tight. For a while, I was as poor as dirt. After my divorce, I had to sell my car just to survive. I remember the day vividly as I left the dealership with a check in my hands, tears streaming down my face. I had no idea how I was going to make it… how I’d get my kids to school… how I’d survive without a car.


But I was desperate for money.

With tens of thousands of dollars in debt (marital debt and divorce lawyer debt) I felt life and God, the Universe, had given me the middle finger in a big way. I struggled for years to make ends meet, but didn’t hit rock bottom until I applied for welfare… but was rejected. Not because of my income (I was well below the poverty line) but because I was a green card holder and not a U.S. citizen and didn’t qualify under those terms.


Not only did I feel humiliated when I had to apply for food stamps, I felt mortified and hopeless when they rejected me. It was the ultimate kick in the gut. I felt that life and society had betrayed me in a BIG way. And I had no idea how to get out of the financial rut I was in. 

It was during this, the lowest time in my life, that I gritted my teeth and DECIDED I was not going to be one of those women who was on welfare forever, who was living paycheck to paycheck, who lived a life of poverty.


So how does one crawl out of a pit of financial lack and misery? How did my business become a success? How does one go from being broke, depressed, on welfare, not knowing how to create abundance, to founding a business that helps people  like you how to prosper beyond their wildest dreams? How does one go from feeling hopeless about one’s life to being excited beyond measure about the now and the future?

First, you have to DECIDE that no matter what, you WILL accept abundance and that you WILL do whatever it takes to have wealth and success in your life. And that you will stop at nothing until you have the life of your wildest dreams.

Everyone’s journey will be a little different.


Here is mine in a nutshell:
I had an end of the world crises (Left my marriage, left my religion and moved 3/4 of the way across the country). When things hit rock bottom, I first did a ton of inner work and changed my beliefs and my mindset that said I wasn’t enough and that I wasn’t worthy. During this process of doing the inner work, I read hundreds of books on self-development, listened to self-development and manifestation podcasts daily, meditated for hours a day, and finally got my mindset healthy and abundant for the first time in my life.

Then, I got real and looked at my options. My choices as I saw them were:

1. I could get a job that would pay me $10-12/hr. (try getting a decent paying job after you’ve been out of the workforce for decades!), struggling for the rest of my life to make ends meet (No, thank you!). 

2. I could go back to college and hope that my psychology degree would get me somewhere. (Ok, school’s cool and I always wanted a degree) Or… 

3. I could keep writing my books and hope they would one day give me enough income to sustain my children and me (Not the most stable option but, yeah, it could work) and I could teach others how to be successful in their businesses.

What did I do? I chose the last 2…. And more.

Because something inside me KNEW I had more to offer than working a 9-5 job for near minimum wage. Something inside told me that I could become financially free if I just listened to my heart (sounds cliche, I know, but it turns out it’s true!).

So… after I enrolled in college to major in a psychology degree, and also released three more fiction books and three more non-fiction books (which brought me in as much passive income per month as if I would have been working a full-time 9-5 minimum wage job), and after having been through my own personal hell, and discovering the TRUE way to abundance and happiness, I started to work with people just like you to change their limiting beliefs… and you guessed it, the rest is history.

Not only have I had outstanding success...  I've had outstanding success with clients.

Take Emily for example...


She came to me feeling hopeless about her career. She hated her job, a job that was very unfulfilling and that didn’t pay her anywhere near what she was worth. She had been passed up for promotions several times, even though she was more qualified than the those who were promoted. I worked with her for a couple of months and she decided to apply for other jobs. Almost right away, she got hired by a company who paid her 50% more than her other job. But that’s not the end of the story.... She didn’t quite feel fulfilled in her new job either… for years, she had dreamed about starting her own company in marketing. And since her confidence level had increased so much, she went ahead and yup… you guessed it… started her own company.

evelyn sarasota.jpg
Since I've become financially free, I love to travel...
Huntington Beach...

Until You Awaken Your Inner Money Genius, You WIll Struggle With Money

Learning to become financially free was trial and error at first, but after tweaking the process, I discovered exactly HOW to manifest a mindblowingly awesome wealth and success mindset. That’s why I created this program so that others can become successful, too, all the while having fun doing it!

So why am I so passionate about teaching money mindset? Well, unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you were never taught how to create wealth. Life, society, our parents, teachers, friends, all have taught us to have scarcity mindsets. It’s not their fault, and they are not bad people. They just don’t know any better.

I had so many limiting beliefs about money, it was ridiculous. I desperately NEEDED money, but my subconscious beliefs about money didn’t allow me to receive it, earn it, or attract it. Talk about a disastrous combination! If you are not living with the abundance you personally desire, you have limiting beliefs that are holding you back, too.

Whatever place you are at, whether you are desperate for money, or feel you don’t deserve it, or think that making money is hard, or just want to earn more, it’s time to move into the Magical Moneymaking Land where money grows on trees. It's time to become a money genius.


No matter how bad it is, you can turn your money ship around and start to manifest with abundance. I am proof of that. And my clients are proof of that, too!

Even if you don’t think you are worthy enough, smart enough, or deserving enough of success, wealth and abundance, this program will help you to reprogram your subconscious to think and believe otherwise.


Once you purchase the program, over the next 14 days, you’ll be doing exercises that will help reprogram your mind and lift your money manifesting vibration so high, money could soon be chasing you down!

Normally, this program sells for $29.00. But for a limited time, the cost of this program is only $5.00!













That's no more than a cup of coffee...

to become a money genius!


For $5, you can completely revamp your money mindset and start to generate the income you want.


The reason I'm practically giving this program away is that I know how stressful it is to struggle with money. And if you're interested in this program, you're probably struggling with money.


Anyone can afford $5.

Awaken your inner Money Genius Square co

Just in case you were wondering if people are seeing results with this program, here are a couple of reviews...

"Awaken Your Inner Money Genius is THE program if you want to uplevel your money beliefs. I can't believe how crappy my beliefs about money were until I started to do the exercises. Needless to say, I changed them really fast and not too long after, I asked for a pay raise and in so doing, increased my income by $1450 a year. Thank you Evelyn!" ~Kayla Q.

"I always just thought I didn't deserve money. That I'd be poor forever. I'm one week into the program and I'm completely blown away by how quickly I'm seeing results. I got an unexpected $576 in the mail yesterday... Not sure if it's a coincidence, but either way, I'm sticking with the program." Suzy T.

"Honestly, I never thought that the reason I was struggling financially was because my beliefs surrounding money. I guess I just thought it was how things were, and that I just needed to face reality. Now I'm very careful about the words I choose and the thoughts I think when it comes to money. Who would have thought such simple shifts would have caused me to double my income in my business in less than 6 months. This program was a heaven-sent for me." ~Georgia Z.

It's up to you to decide whether or not to become a money genius, to make the necessary shifts to welcome money into your life. 

Awaken Your Inner Money Genius will help eliminate your fears about money—beliefs that have kept financial success beyond your reach. Wealth genius can be learned, and is the most powerful means to an abundant life. But so few of us know about the powerful secrets that make manifesting money easy, and far fewer utilize them.

Just imagine...

• Having all the money you want in your bank account...
• Being able to travel at the drop of a hat because you have the free time and funds...
• Going shopping without having to wonder if it will break the bank account...
• Hiring a housekeeper because you have positive cash flow so you don't have to spend time cleaning...
• Never worrying about money again... Never having to say "I can't afford that."

• Feeling relaxed and stress-free because you are abundant...
• Loving your life because you have the resources to create the exact life you want...

Imagine what life would be like if you didn't worry about money...

This is entirely possible.

And Awaken Your Inner Money Genius will show you how!


So hurry and grab your copy today before the price goes back up!

ONLY $5.00

For a limited time
Awaken Your Inner Money Genius
Awaken your inner Money Genius Square co
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