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The 12 Steps to Manifest Anything

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Have you ever thought: Why does it seem to take so long to manifest? Why is it so hard to get what I want? We’ve somehow come to believe that manifesting what we want takes a long time. The truth is, you can manifest anything and quickly. Anything.

You have within you the power to manifest anything in your life right now. Quantum manifestations happen all the time. Some see quantum leap manifestations as miracles. Some see them as manifestations happening only to others. Some believe they just don’t have it in them to manifest what they want in no time at all.

The reality is, manifesting, dramatic manifesting, isn’t limited by time.

Right now, you hold the power within to claim whatever you want. Yes, RIGHT NOW. In fact, manifesting your dreams is not complicated. We’ve just been conditioned to believe that it is. The 12 Steps to Manifest Anything will teach you exactly how to manifest whatever you want effortlessly.

BE READY! When you apply these 12 steps, you can experience Manifestations in no time and a radically CHANGED LIFE!

The 12 Steps to Manifest ANYTHING:

1. Acknowledge what you desire and allow yourself to want what you want.


2. Give your command, or in other words, ask.


3. Believe your desire in.


4. Trust that the Universe knows the way.


5. Embody gratitude.


6. Be patient.


7. Surrender your desire to the Universe.


8. Associate only good feeling thoughts with your desire.


9. Keep an eye open for “signs of land.”


10. Don’t settle for less than EXACTLY what you want.


11. Receive your full desire.


12. Give thanks.



Now it’s your turn to manifest what you want. ANYTHING is possible to those who believe. Remember, don’t ask for anything less than what you really want. Make your “asking” perfect. Make your asking bold. Make your asking a “command” and you will insist it into manifesting.


To download the e-workbook “The 12 Steps to Manifest Anything,” on how to follow these steps in greater detail, and to make manifesting easy, fun, and quick, click the button below. 


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