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What is the Most Powerful Method to Create The Life You Want?

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“Ideas are impressed on the subconscious through the medium of feeling. No idea can be impressed on the subconscious mind until it is felt, but once felt - be it good, bad or indifferent - it must be expressed. Feeling is the one and only medium through which ideas are conveyed to the subconscious.”


- Neville Goddard

My name is Evelyn Johansen, and it is my life’s passion and mission to help people just like you gain access to your personal power so that you can design and live your optimal life. This is why I'm so excited to bring to you THE most powerful tools to help you manifest what you want. 

When I first started to apply the Law of Attraction to my life, I wasn't very successful. In fact, it seemed that the harder I tried, the worse my life became. After a grueling divorce, I spiraled into a deep depression, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't seem to create the life I wanted. I didn't realize that I had MAJOR limiting beliefs that kept me back and that I needed to revamp my entire inner programming.

For years, I worked hard to try to change things, to manifest an income that could support my three children and me. But the more I tried, the worse things became. In fact, I failed BIG TIME in every ares of my life that was important to me. I didn't have love. I was penniless and on Food Stamps, my health deteriorated, and I wasn't able to manifest love.


When I hit rock bottom, I was in such a dark state that I knew I couldn't go on living like I was anymore. I let myself wallow in my sadness for a few days, but then I said, "Enough!" If it was the last thing I did, I was determined to figure out how to create the life of my dreams. I searched the internet for the best manifestation techniques, I went back to college and finished my psychology degree, and I delved into hundreds of different books on how to manifest. I learned a lot. But none of the techniques worked for me and I was stuck. But I didn't stop searching because deep inside, I felt that there would be an answer. I KNEW that there was a ay for me to figure out how to create the life I truly wanted and felt I deserved.


As I continued to search for answers, I noticed that there was one thing in common that many spiritual guides, coaches, successful people, leaders, and even the Bible spoke about. I hadn't really taken this method seriously because it seemed too simple. Plus, I wasn't used to this kind of thinking, and so I didn't really know how to do it right. Having learned that the most successful people use this method, whether consciously, or unconsciously, I decided to give it all I had.


And that's when my life started to dramatically change. I no longer needed to "work hard" to get what I wanted. I no longer needed to journal for hours and hours until my hands went numb, hoping I'd manifest what I wanted. I no longer needed to wonder what worked and what didn't. This method was POWERFUL and whenever I used it, and used it correctly, I would manifest what I wanted. Most recently, I have used this method to manifest my dream car, and it was so easy!


So what is this powerful method? It's visualization. But not just any type of visualization. 

For millennia, spiritual greats, athletes, and leaders all used visualization to harness their power. In short, they all believed that thoughts are things and that they create reality. It's true, thoughts are things, and there are many ways to visualize. But I wanted to find the BEST way. The FASTEST way. The EASIEST way.


And you know what? I did. And that's what I'm going to share with you today.


I'm sure you have heard that to manifest a new personal reality, one must reprogram one's mind. And this 100% is true. You cannot create a different reality with your current programming. The subconscious will sabotage you every single time. So in order to manifest the life you truly want, you MUST reprogram your subconscious. There are many ways to go about this. But if you are anything like me, busy and wanting to live life, you probably don't want to spend many hours a day on this. That is why my method is so amazing, because it only takes 10 minutes at night right before you go to bed!

With Power Practice, you will be able to rewrite your subconscious, all with just a few minutes a in the evening. This method allows you to easily gain access to your subconscious mind, which will go on autopilot to manifest whatever you want.

You can use Power Practice in many ways, for attracting your best romantic relationship, manifest a dream home, feel more confident, lose weight, or even make more money. The sky's the limit! You can also use it again and again for many different purposes.

Although this is a simple practice, it is very powerful, so powerful it can help you manifest whatever you want.

There are numerous ways to change your subconscious... but this is hands down, the easiest and most effective way available to man. Spiritual giants like Neville Goddard and Wayne Dyer taught about this extensively, men who were able to harness and use their personal power to design their best lives, so get ready for the amazing journey ahead.



There are numerous ways to change your subconscious... but this is hands down, the easiest and most effective way available to man. Spiritual giants like Neville Goddard and Wayne Dyer taught about this extensively, men who were able to harness and use their personal power to design their best lives, so get ready for the amazing journey ahead.


"The Power Practice” is a tool used by many of the best spiritual leaders in the past and today. Like me, they realized the immense power of this practice and have utilized it to manifest what they truly desired. It is a simple practice that only takes a few minutes of your time each evening before bedtime.

When you prepare to sleep in the manner this visualization method teaches, you are easily able to reprogram your subconscious beliefs, beliefs which are responsible for creating your reality. 5-10 minutes before you fall asleep, you will use the power of your imagination to set the stage of your dreams.


Why is The Power Practice so effective?

1. During the night when we sleep, you enter the world of your subconscious, or in other words, the world of your programming. The conscious mind shuts off, and for however long it is you sleep, you will be in the realm of your subconscious. When you prepare yourself for sleep and set the intention of your sleep, it makes it possible for you to rewrite your subconscious all night long. Since the programming (your subconscious) you have received rules about 95-99% of your waking life, you can see why this visualization method is invaluable when it comes to manifesting into your reality the life you want.

2. The last five minutes before you fall asleep are the most important in your entire day if you want to reprogram your beliefs. If you consistently practice this visualization as I have outlined, your brain will be rewired and you will see things start to change in your outer world.

3. We use the most powerful tool of all during this visualization: our imaginations. Imagination has somewhat been given a bad rap, but it is ONLY through our imaginations that we can reprogram ourselves and create a different future reality.


This is what the Power Practice entails: 10 minutes before bed, visualize what it is that you want. Make sure you use ALL your senses when you visualize. How would you feel when you have manifested what you want? What would you see? Who would you be with? What would you smell? What would you hear? What would your hands touch? Make it as vivid as possible. And that's basically it!

Now, there are a few more details to this method to make it even more effective. Which is why I have created a workbook with the Power Practice. It will take you step-by-step through the process and help you clarify many things. In this 15-Page Booklet, I share with you EXACTLY how to prepare for and use this method. I show you how to utilize this method and what mistakes to avoid while visualizing. Just imagine... a short time from now you could be manifesting EXACTLY what you want, whether that be money, an ideal relationship, your dream home, a nice new car... anything your heart desires.


Stop wasting your precious time on manifestation methods that don't work or take a lot of work. For only a few dollars, you can OWN the most powerful manifestation tool in the world and start manifesting immediately! I've spent years researching the BEST manifestation tools, and this is hands down THE BEST one.


Grab a copy today before the price goes back up, and start to witness as your life changes before your eyes. One last thing... When you do put this visualization into practice, and you manifest what you want, I want to hear ALL about it.


Nothing is more exciting to me than to see people succeed. I know how hard life can be and you deserve to live the life you know deep inside was meant for you. Begin conscious creation today and give yourself the gift of an amazing life. Not only an amazing life, but a life that YOU manifested.


Much love and power to you, Evelyn 

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