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Have you ever wondered why some women seem to effortlessly attract quality men?

Why are some women so irresistible and men can't seem to get enough of them?


I used to secretly be jealous of those women. I thought they were born with some special goddess gene, and that I had missed out on that gene by... lightyears.


But it has nothing to do with the luck of genetics... No, it has to do with developing self-love & confidence, being comfortable with your femininity, and dating in rotation. 

Become Confident and Feminine and Get th

And the good news is... these 3 things can all be learned by anyone!

Once you learn to approach dating from a place of confidence, men will be drawn to you like bees to honey. You will become completely magnetic and will have your pick of men.... not just any men... quality men... the men YOU want.


You will finally have your dream relationship...


...and everyone will be jealous of you, wondering how you did it.


It will be the relationship of your wildest dreams... the relationship you have always wanted. That's why I developed the 4-week program "Get Him Hooked on You."

So women like you don't have to feel confused or frustrated about dating...



















In this 4-Week program, you'll learn the essentials to becoming irresistible to quality men, which are:

1. Love Yourself

2. Be Confident

3. Be Feminine

If you've ever felt discouraged about dating, men or relationships, I’m here to tell you that  changing it all for the better begins with you! If you've ever felt insecure or unworthy, you 

can develop radical self-love, self-trust and unshakable confidence.

In this program you'll receive 3 different programs. First, you'll receive: 



"Confident and Feminine," the 14-Day Program that helps you to love yourself, trust yourself, to develop self-confidence. It helps you to transform fear to faith and to get rid of your limiting beliefs about men and dating, all the while giving you empowering beliefs.

You'll also receive:

"The Magic of Feminine Energy," the 7-Day program that teaches you about femininity, something that makes you irresistible to men. It helps you connect with the feminine that is inside you and to tap into your beautiful heart and intuition. This program alone will do so much for you to attract quality men. You see, most women approach dating from a place of masculinity. However, it's your femininity that men find irresistible!

Then, you'll also receive:

The 7-Day "Rotation Dating," program that teaches you all about the ins and outs of rotation dating. This helps greatly reduce the risk of becoming attached to one man too early and become needy.  It teaches you about different types of men, it teaches you about YOU, and what you need to feel amazing. It helps you gain clarity and sets you up for success and empowerment in the dating world.


Once you have come to love yourself, to have confidence, to use your femininity, to date in rotation.... you'll once again come to truly enjoy the process of dating. And when you do, you'll attract men who want to please you, who adore you, who value and cherish you, and who will do anything to keep you.

You see, I learned the hard way... But there is a MUCH better way and it makes dating enjoyable and you'll start to attract high caliber men.     



And how do I know this? I've been through the journey myself, and have helped dozens of 

women do it, too. 

Like Emily: At 23, she came to me and was DONE with men. The men she had been dating weren't quite ready for the type of relationship she wanted. However, Emily didn't realize she had limiting beliefs that said "I'm not worthy" and "men will only disappoint me," and "relationships are pain."

Once I helped her change her beliefs and she started to truly love herself and tapped into her femininity, she (reluctantly) started dating again. Within a month, she found an amazing man and he treated her like a queen. I coached her through the process, and nine months later, they became engaged. Just this last spring, I was the witness at her wedding.

If you want to learn how to meet, date, and keep the man of your dreams "Get Him Hooked on You" is the program for you.

When considering what price to sell this for, I initially priced it in the high hundreds. But as a single mother of 3, I know how tight money can be. So I considered pricing it in the mid to low hundreds. Again, I felt perhaps not enough women would be able to afford it.


So what did I do? I priced it at $99.00. 


However... since this is a new program, and since I want to have as many women as possible benefit from this transformational process, I lowered it even more...


For a small investment of $49.00, you can get "Get Him Hooked on You," which again is 3 programs in one. 

Yes, Only $49

And for that you will receive:

"Confident and Feminine."

"The Magic of Feminine Energy."

"Rotation Dating."


But, I'm ONLY keeping it at this price for ONE month.  So if I were you, I'd grab my copy before the price goes back up.












If you're not yet sold... 


...let me just share with you a little about me.

Because what I’m about to teach you, not only created radical and amazing changes in my 

clients' lives, it first completely changed my life!

I was married for 13 years, in what I consider an unhappy marriage. I was confused a lot, andcouldn’t figure out why I wasn’t good enough, and why all my attempts to make my relationship work, failed. 
Considering myself a massive failure, I left my marriage, moved across the country, 

changed careers, and started life all over.

Once single again, I began to date. But it wasn't at all like I had imagined. Men would take 

me out, then breadcrumb or ghost. That made me feel like crap and it did a huge number  on my confidence. Some would remain eagerly interested but I wasn’t interested in them. 

That made me feel as if there was something wrong with me. I started to hate dating even 

though all I wanted was to have a great time and have men take me out and treat me well.    
What I didn’t realize was that I had a ton of unhealed inner wounds I hadn’t yet worked out 

from my marriage and childhood. And because of this, I felt I had to prove to the men I'd go out with that I was enough. I felt I had to try and impress them so they'd like me and ask me out again.

After some time, I started to feel disheartened. I thought, well... the reason I can't seem to find love is because I’m in my 40s, I have a divorce behind me, and I am the single mom of three kids.   

This was when I hit my lowest point in life and knew I needed to do inner work. I spend a couple of years studying, meditating, journaling, taking courses of self-esteem, on men and dating, in femininity, on how to change my beliefs about myself and more.

And what I was left with was unshakable confidence, unconditional self-love, and the know-how about dating and relationships. Then I started to date again. I though it would kind of be the same experience...


But boy, oh boy was I ever wrong. After I had done a lot of inner work (heart healing and 

confidence building) and had nurtured my femininity, I signed up for a couple of dating 

apps, and started swiping. Immediately, I noticed a difference in how men responded to me. 

Now, instead of having texting pen pals for weeks on end, only to have a man vanish before ever being asked out a date, men would ask me out within 2-3 messages.


My mind was spinning. My Universe tilted on an axis. And get this, they would ask me out on nice dates. Fine dining. Live shows. REAL dates. And what was even more amazing was that they planned all of it and I didn’t even have to lift a finger. They would pick the place, give me the address and we’d pick a time that worked for both of us. Then I’d show up and he’d 

be in charge. 

All I did was show up and have a great time. Plus most of the men I was going out with 

stepped up and wanted me to have a great time! Some even took me on amazing trips, all 

paid for by them! It was like they couldn’t get enough of me. And the majority of the time,  they planned the next date before the first one was even over.

I felt like a man magnet, and the men pursued me hard. It took some getting used to. 

Because this was a complete 180 from how I had dated before, where lack was usually the name of the game. 

And the thing is, this is not rocket science. It's a step by step process that will help give you what you need so you can feel confident. And let me tell you, it's the most amazing feeling in the world to date with confidence and to KNOW you deserve the perfect man for you.


There really isn't anything better than finding that special someone, is there? Life is so much better when you find someone to share it with and not just any someone. A someone who is perfect for you.

      However, what most women do is leave this process up to chance and don't really prepare themselves to make the most important decision of their lives. They just think that they will one day attract their dream man and that they will live happily ever after.

      This is one of the reasons there are so many unhappy marriages out there today, over 50% of them ending in divorce. That's what I thought.

       When I realized I needed to first love myself, and have confidence in me, and be clear on what I needed and wanted in a man (not just the excitement, the infatuation and the attraction) before I attracted Mr. Right, and that if I didn't, I'd continue to attract Mr. Wrong, I made some drastic changes in my life.

If you're reading this, I know you take your love life seriously. You want to find true love, not just infatuation. You want to find lasting love, not just a flash in the pan kind of love. Ask yourself, "Would I be willing to gain clarity and learn to love myself and to become authentically confident so I can have the relationship of my dreams?"

Truly feel into it. Are you willing to do some inner work to attract and keep the man who is perfect for you?

The answer for me was a resounding YES!!!!

You learning to love yourself and be confident, you learning how to tap into your femininity and learning the ins and outs of dating doesn't just happen. You have to make a decision and follow through on that decision.

That is what my clients did. That is what I did. Will you be the next success story? The one who finds your Mr. Right?

The decision is up to you. I have the tools, and all you need to do is say yes.

Become Confident and Feminine and Get th
Become Confident and Feminine and Get th

Only $49

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