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About Me

I always believed that aspiring to be the best version of myself would bring confidence, joy, happiness, and fulfillment.
Starting in my teens and through my thirties, I devoured books on self-development, spirituality, and positive mindset.
I truly thought I was strong enough to get through anything. Until I went through my dark night of the soul.
After my divorce, a cross-country move, and several career failures, I hit rock bottom, finding myself depressed, anxious, and on food stamps.
When I had to sell my car to pay for rent, it shocked me awake and I dug myself out of poverty, depression, and misery by nurturing my relationship with my heart and Source, and by completely revamping my mindset.
This process changed my life. It gave me the confidence to dare to dream again, to go after what I wanted. So I started learning everything I could about the art of living a heart-centered life and the psychology of success and manifestation. 
What began as my dark night of the soul has evolved into my coaching business, which is built around inner alignment, positive psychology, manifestation strategies, and a commitment to helping hundreds of men and women live the lives they know deep down that they are destined for.
I'd love to help you manifest the life you want. Let's start by having you join my 5-day challenge, "2021 Manifest Your Dream Life" challenge, where I share with you the most fun, the most effective, and the easiest ways to create the life you want!
Much Love,
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Multi-Passionate Coach, Relentless Optimist, Psychology Nerd, Recovering Perfectionist, Best-Selling Author, Proud Mama of 3, and Bosom Friend For Life. In love with the beach, traveling, and wants to conquer the world. Fan of the arts since like 4Ever.
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