About   Me

Most days, you can find me working at my dining table either on a coaching call with a client or writing my next article, a smile on my lips and a coffee mug in my hand. I'm a devoted mother for 3 beautiful children and am a self-development, manifestation, and spiritual junkie.
Currently, I'm working on my Bachelor in psychology, something I'm super excited about! I'm a best-selling author, a Norwegian immigrant, a former ballerina, a lover of all things chocolate, and I'm really great at pretending I can twerk.
I'm a woman who seeks adventure and travel and I believe in living life to the fullest. I have a lot of fun shopping, love to go to live performances, and claim California as my home even though I currently live in Utah (#LifeGoals!). I'm super silly and have in the past been accused of laughing way too much at my own jokes.
Even though I've been through my fair share of rough times, I'm still a die-hard believer in the happily-ever-after. I've learned through my life that it's when things are the darkest, that's when we can see the stars.
It is my life's mission to help people all around the world come to live their greatest lives through the power of love, an epic mindset, and by coming into alignment with their True Selves. We weren’t born to suffer through life. We came here to express the limitless Beings that we are, Beings of love, light, infinite potential and unlimited power, to live our ultimate destinies.
It is my desire to help you shift your mindset, to live from the heart, to free you from your fears, to tap into your limitless potential, to help you abolish limeting beliefs, and to help you live the life of your wildest dreams. 
I'm so thrilled you're here and am as always, appreciative for the opportunity to share with you how to claim your ultimate destiny.
Much Love,

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