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One-On-One Coaching

If you haven't yet been able to create the life you want, let me put your fears to rest... There is nothing wrong with you. All you need is to shift some beliefs.... to see yourself differently. 


In my one-on-one coaching sessions, I help you discover your limiting beliefs, heal your heart, and gain unshakable confidence by transforming fear to faith and love. 

In sessions, I utilize various techniques, and help you to get to the bottom of your fears and wounds. I help you see where you have perceived yourself in fear, rather than in love, and help you make internal shifts to align with your full potential.

Love is at the core of all my work, because love is the most transformative force of all. Once you have developed unconditional self-love, you will finally be free to manifest whatever it is you want in life, whether that be love, money, happiness, or other.

Most of my clients have major epiphanies and are able to change  beliefs in our very first session, and as they continue to work with me, the come to rise to their full potential because they finally see themselves for who they truly are: individuals of light, love, infinite potential.

I'd love to book a complimentary session with you to see if you are ready to make the necessary changes. 

Book your free 30-minute call with Evelyn by clicking here:





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