10 Must-Have Qualities to Be a Successful Female Entrepreneur

To be considered competitive in your market, you have to know how to stand out. Only women who make a lasting impression are those who will end up succeeding. Here are 10 of my top favorite qualities of a successful female entrepreneur, qualities that will make you magnetic to your potential clients!

1. Be Generous

When I first started my consulting business, all I could think about was how to get the sale (I needed the money badly), how to get people to "like" my posts (if I didn't get likes, who would want to work with me?), and how to make sure I didn't waste my time on people who weren't going to buy. I'd feel used if someone "wasted" my time (aka didn't buy), and was only concerned with the bottom line. Bottom lines are important in business. In fact, you don't have a business until you sell. But a stingy, what's-in-it-for-me attitude won't get you any sales. Instead of focusing on sales, focus on value. What value can I bring to this person, whether they hire me or not? How can I serve and give and help? Giving opens the way for receiving, so make sure you give 100% and the right clients will find their way to you.

2. Be Trust-Worthy/Honest

Have you ever been around a person who you just felt you couldn't trust? You didn't know why, but you just had an unsettled feeling in your gut that something wasn't right... Well, potential customers and clients have a sixth sense. If you you are not trust-worthy, most will sense this and will not sign up with you.

3. Be Confident

If you lack confidence in yourself or your abilities, potential clients will sense this. The best way to build confidence is to do inner work. Hiring a mindset expert or coach is hands down one of the best ways to help you build unshakable confidence. If she is any good, a coach will help you challenge your limiting beliefs and write new ones. She will stand in your corner and help you focus on your strengths. She will assist you in ditching your doubts and help push you toward your full potential.

4. Be Optimistic

Don't you just love being around negative people? Wait... you don't? Yeah, I didn't think so. People try to avoid people with negative vibes. If a potential client senses negativity, they are likely to move on and hire someone else who is optimistic and who lifts their spirits. So work on always looking on the bright side of life and people will feel magnetically drawn to you.

5. Be Determined

Building a successful business takes determination. Wishy-washy entrepreneurs have wishy-washy sales and wishy-washy results. Don't let a few setbacks stand in your way of succeeding. Instead, use these setbacks to gain more clarity about the direction you want to head in and stay the course.

6. Be Flexible

This might seem like a direct contradiction to #5, but it isn't. Successful entrepreneurs must learn to be flexible... not in their determination to succeed, but in their approach on how to succeed. When I fist started coaching, all I did was post online and hoped people would sign up with me. When that didn't work, I did more research, hired a business development consultant, and tried different things. What I discovered was that I was building my business wrong. Because I was able to be flexible in my approach, I finally started to see the results I wanted.

7. Follow Intuition

What does intuition have to do with business, you might ask. Well, pretty much everything. When I follow my intuition, I connect with people who are a perfect match to what I need. When I follow intuition, it's as if the Universe conspires in my favor. When I follow intuition, I don't have to overthink things and I stress much less. Intuition is a gift and it's so important to learn how to tap into this near-magical superpower.

8.  Be Patient and Impatient

There is a time to be patient and a time to be impatient and a successful entrepreneur knows when. A few tips: Don't be patient when it comes to following intuition; follow it ASAP. Don't be patient and wait for that one potential client to get back to you, while neglecting generating more leads. Don't be patient with people who drain your energy; send them love and move on. Do be patient with yourself. Do be patient as you learn new skills and work to change your mindset. Do be patient with the growth of your business. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day!

9. Genuine/Authentic

As I work with clients, so many of them think that they have to be different than who they are to succeed. This couldn't be farther from the truth! In fact, believing that you have to be different than who you are or try to be more is exactly what is holding you back from the success that you seek! It's not necessary to be more than who you are. It's not necessary to pretend to be an extrovert when you are introverted. When you show your truth to others, they will be drawn to you.

10. Have a Growth Mindset

I'm sure you've heard that "Leaders are readers." Perhaps you're even aware that many top-level executives, politicians and business people have mentors or advisers. But did you know that according to Inc. Magazine, the Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur Magazine, and more, the most successful people in the world swear by coaching and mentoring? Oprah, Bill Gates, Anthony Robbins, Hugh Jackman, and many many more, all have a team of mentors to help them in their personal and private lives. Successful people understand the importance of mindset, and make sure to surround themselves with those who can help them grow into their full potential. They understand that they don't want to leave their progress to chance.

Of course, there are many more qualities that successful entrepreneurs have, including having integrity, being reliable, excellent time-management, being balanced, having a road-map to success, understanding finance, being good at networking, and more. But for now, those are my top-10. To add more to the list, please feel free to comment below. I would love to hear what you have to say.

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