How to Become a Successful Life Coach and Make Clients Want to Hire You!

Updated: Apr 10

Have you been trying to get clients for some time but feel like you're spinning your wheels? In this article I share with you a very powerful way to become a coach clients can't wait to hire instead of losing precious income month after month.

Before you try to build your service-based business the HARD way, do this!

Whether you're a mindset mentor, a business coach, a spiritual teacher, or a life coach, the reality is, you won't have a business unless you get clients or customers!

However, in order to have exponential growth, you have to detach from the outcome (needing the sale) instead of be attached to it. But how EXACTLY do you do that?

First, let's take a look at why being detached is so important.

When we are attached to the outcome, we are trying to manifest through fear. “If I don’t get that job or that relationship, I will feel like crap” or “I need that money so that I can pay my bills.” “I need people to sign up for my mailing list or I won’t be successful.”

See how all the focus is on "I"?

When we try to build a business this way, it backfires. This is because people will feel the energy of neediness and fear of failure.

When I was starting my coaching business, I was trying to build from a place of desperation. I was needing people to sign up for my mailing list so that I could make the sales so that I could pay my bills… I was wanting “likes” so that others would think I was successful because I didn’t feel successful and the “likes” would make me seem popular or competent.

But the truth was, I was coming from a completely wrong energy (lack), and so it was impossible for me to create the following, and ultimately the abundance I wanted.

So if someone is stuck in this vicious cycle, how do they free themselves from it and start to attract and create what they want (more clients) instead of what they don’t want?

It didn’t REALLY click for me until very recently but now that I have been able to make the shift, I am no longer “Manic Manifesting,” as Gabby Bernstein says. I have a calm about me that draws amazing people and situations to me. I am finding clients in the most unexpected ways. How was I able to change things around, and how can someone else do it, too?

I know you have heard the answer before, but let me see if I can give you further clarity and insight, and that's this: Serve from a place of GIVING. SHARING. SUPPORTING. And expect NOTHING in return.

You see, the second you stop worrying about the outcome (will they or won't they buy from me?) and start to share from a place of love (I want to help them whether they buy from me or not), with ZERO expectation of receiving anything back, success is sure to follow.

When I was able to do this fully, I would magically meet the right people to help me move forward one step. When I came from a place of love, goodwill, and generosity, I met people who were generous in return. When I gave and gave and gave (without feeling like I was the victim and why the bleep haven’t they signed up for my program yet, and why haven't they called me back!?!), I became a perfect match to what I desired.

You see, we have to BE what we want to create. We have to embody the feelings we want to receive.

When we are impatient, we attract more people who will offer us the opportunity to be impatient. When we are stingy with our energy and love, we attract people who are stingy and unloving. When we embody love and generosity, we attract people who are loving and generous to us.

So, to be able to detach from the outcome, give what you want. Florence Skovel Shinn said, “Giving opens the way for receiving.” Give from love. Give from generosity. Give from kindness. Give from the heart. People can feel your energy and will respond in return.

When I began putting this into full practice, I would visualize myself in specific situations. If I visualized myself at a networking event, I would visualize myself giving instead of being self conscious and stressed. I’d see myself as a light that helped others find their light. I’d see myself sharing instead of trying to sell.

Making the shift from “I need to pay my bills” and “I want to be accepted” and "I must have the likes so that I appear popular" to “I am here to radiate love” and asking, “How can I best use my abilities to help this individual” was so freeing. I was no longer nervous or tense. I didn’t need approval. Wherever I went, I wasn’t there to get, but to give. And when we make that shift, people immediately sense it and are drawn to us. In fact, business will never be the same again.

One word of caution… don’t give so that you will receive back. That’s being stingy and manipulative (and who wants stingy/manipulative people in their life?). Give because you have become aligned with the love that is true to your nature. Give because you are naturally a loving person. Give because you genuinely care. Give because it feels good to give.

Can you imagine what it would be like if every entrepreneur, CEO, president, and employer was like this? Business would never be the same again!

It all starts with the individual, with people like you and me. and oh, what a wonderful world it will be.

Much love,


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