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Not Your Average The -Virus-That-Must-Not-Be-Named Post

I visited Walmart the other day to pick up some veggies and thought I'd pop by the TP aisle and get some toilet paper, cause I was running low.

I bet you'll NEVER guess what I didn't find (no explanation needed).

I guess I do understand why people are stacking up on certain supplies. I mean, running out of TP sucks, and in the event that you are quarantined inside your home at some near-future date, it's not like you can run outside and get some leaves to wipe yourself with. It's still winter.

In any case, all this TP hoarding kind of seems backwards to me....

A few years ago, I started taking specific supplements to boost my immune system. Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Zinc, etc. Since I started on that regime, I NEVER get sick. No flu. No cold. Nada. Everyone around me gets sick ALL THE TIME and I'm like over here healthy as can be (It's a little annoying, I know).

So, after that disappointing Walmart TP experience, it got me thinking....What are the most immune-boosting foods out there? I Googled it and here is what I found:

  1. Blueberries

  2. Turmeric

  3. Oily Fish

  4. Broccoli

  5. Sweet Potatoes

  6. Spinach

  7. Ginger

  8. Garlic

  9. Green Tea

  10. Kefir

  11. Almonds

  12. Oranges

  13. Red Bell Peppers

  14. and more....

And as for immunity boosting supplements:

  1. Zinc

  2. Vitamin C

  3. Vitamin A

  4. Vitamin E

  5. Probiotics

  6. Astragalus

  7. Angelica root (for respiratory ailments)

  8. and more...

Other things that boost immunity (according to science):

  1. Meditation

  2. Not stressing (Um... ok, so freaking out about that damn virus is not helpful in the least... Research shows that stress lowers your immune system, so yeah. Chill.)

  3. Laughing (According to the Mayo Clinic)

  4. Getting enough sleep

  5. Sex

I'm not claiming that any of these things will prevent anyone from contracting the virus (although... come to think of it... maybe I should say it will because there is that strange placebo effect thingy that's kinda almost as weird as the quantum theory stuff), and even though there is no known cure for the virus-that-must-not-be-named, perhaps we can do a little something to help us fight it if we do contract it.

Plus, when we are proactive, we'll have a lot less time to sit and scroll through the endless news stories (cue more stress) concerning the Big C.

I'm not saying not to take this virus seriously. I'm saying TAKE IT SERIOUSLY AND DO WHATEVER YOU CAN THAT'S IN YOUR POWER! We are NOT helpless, and stressing, obsessing, fearing, dreading, and feeling like it's the end of the world while hoarding TP like it's going to save us from imminent death is not going to help.

Anyway, I'm done with the rant now. I need to get my beauty sleep so I can NOT get in line tomorrow for TP but instead fill my basket with the healthy stuff.

I'm pretty sure if you fill your basket up with the good stuff, too, that you won't have any issues finding blueberries or spinach or zinc... or any of these other things I listed. However, they just might help you and your loved ones manage the road that lies ahead.

Stay Healthy, my friends. <3

(And oh, don't forget to wash your hands)

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