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Welcome Single Mom Entrepreneur!

Let's Grow Your Business With The 10K Challenge!



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Sonja P.

I will be forever grateful to Evelyn.  Her mentorship is absolutely priceless.

I give Evelyn and any of her coaching or programs my highest recommendation.

Emily W.

Working with Evelyn changed my life. With her help, I was able to start my company and quit my job faster than I ever dreamed possible. I went from start-up to over 15 clients in less than two months!  If you want REAL results, do yourself a favor and work with her. I know she's sick of hearing it, but she's hands down, the BEST coach out there. 

Celia S.

I learned more in Evelyn's Program in one week than in years of other programs. Evelyn genuinely cares and her strategies bring real results.  Not only does she have the ability to simplify the difficult things, but she also lights a fire in you and helps you realize that your grandest business visions are achievable!  

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