The ONE thing most people miss when they are trying to manifest:


You can't manifest the life you want when you feel fear, stress, and anxiety on a consistent basis...




#1 It's physiologically IMPOSSIBLE. The part of your brain that is responsible for creativity (the conscious mind) shuts off during fear and stress and anxiety and your programming takes over. Which means...


#2 You are making decisions from habit. Which means...


#3. You are repeating old behavior that results in the exact same outcomes as before.


To create a new life, you NEED to gain access to the conscious mind where creativity is possible.


What's the fastest way to gain access to the creative mind and get out of fear, stress, and anxiety?


The answer is simple, but it's hard to do.

It's to align with love.


-Aligned with love, we have access to the limitless potential within us.

-Aligned with love, we are free to create.

-Aligned with love, we easily attract to us the lives we want.

-Aligned with love, we have an endless source of strength.

-Aligned with love, we naturally create the lives we want.


Fear, stress, and anxiety will keep us manifesting more fear, stress, and anxiety. The way out is to consciously choose love in thought, word, and action. Every moment.


Choose love. And you will manifest the life you always wanted.

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Evelyn Johansen
Life Coach

2019 Evelyn Johansen International