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By utilizing the creative powers of my feminine energy, I became a better mother, I was able to utilize my intuition to live with more passion and purpose, and I finally started to attract soul-aligned clients.
Are you feeling a sense of disconnect with your heart? Do you sense you have lost touch with your intuition? Do you spend most of your time in your masculine energy? 

It's ok. It's not your fault. I was once where you are.


In my program, you will learn exactly how to access your feminine energy, a woman's source of power, radiance, intuition, love, and authenticity.




Where to begin?

What is feminine energy and how will it help me create the abundant, happy, successful joy-filled life I want?

If you experience stress, anxiety, or feel like something is missing, the reason might be that you have not yet learned how to tap into your true power - your feminine energy. 


It's easy to learn how to tune into this energy... but most women struggle because we've lived in our masculine energy since we can remember.

  • If you're not easily creating success in your business. . .

  • If you feel disconnected from yourself . . .

  • If you're not attracting soul-aligned friends, relationships, or clients . . .

  • If you're feeling stressed and frustrated and as if you've lost your authenticity . . .

  • If you've lost touch with your intuition . . .

  • . . . or if you simply want to connect with your feminine energy, I’m going to show you how.


Over the next 7 days, with my easy program . . .


. . .  and once you have my "The Magic of Feminine Energy Program," you’ll be on your way to connect with your feminine energy and tap into a beautiful place of authenticity, the very center of your heart.


But before we move on . . .



About me


I'm Evelyn Johansen, a business and life coach passionate about helping you succeed.


What began as my dark night of the soul has evolved into my coaching business, which is built around spirituality, psychology, and a commitment to helping my clients achieve their every goal, in their coaching businesses and in their personal lives.

I'm here to help you shift your mindset, to live from the heart, to free you from your fears, to tap into your limitless potential, to help you abolish your limiting beliefs, and to guide you to live the life you want.


This is why I'm offering the program The Magic of Feminine Energy . . .

Because without utilizing their precious feminine energy, women struggle unnecessarily to connect to their authenticity . . . to attract the relationships that are perfect for them . . . and they end up feeling stressed and unfulfilled in their careers.

I want you to know that this program is different.

Truly, it is.

Once you gain access to your feminine energy, you will understand what you've been missing . . .


Once you feel the power your feminine energy can bring, the radiance it will give you, you will understand why it feels like magic . . .


. . . and soon, attracting the lifestyle you want will become effortless.

This easy-to-follow 7-Day Program will teach you how to tap into
your feminine energy, a woman's most magical force.
Now It's Your Turn...
To find your inner radiance...
To become magnetic...
To thrive in romantic relationships...
To bask in your joy...
To tap into your authenticity...
To find your superpower...
...your feminine energy.

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In this easy 7-Day program, I'll guide you step-by-step to connect with your feminine energy so you can begin to create the life and career you want, whether that be a soul mate relationship, more joy, more peace, more abundance, more success, more happiness...


And the entire program is just 7 days.


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In this 7-Day program, you’ll learn…

1 - What feminine energy is.

2 - How to easily tap into your feminine essence.

3 - Why feelings are so important when it comes to your femininity.

4 - How to recognize and honor your feminine intuition.

5 - Easy ways to connect with your body's wisdom.

6 - How to connect to your heart through heart-centered meditations.

7 - Where the center of the feminine is.


. . . and so much more!

Every day you will have specific exercises that will help connect you with your feminine energy.


If you're trying to feel more radiant, to attract a romantic relationship, if you're trying to thrive in your business, if you're looking to gain confidence and feel whole again, if you've lost touch with your true power, your femininity. . .


This is the program for you.


Personally, I didn't begin to attract what I really wanted until I started utilizing my feminine energy. I felt I was stuck. . . spinning my wheels. . . I felt incomplete, as if a part of me was missing. . . I struggled in business and in life.


But now I feel whole, centered, and calm, and things come to me naturally, without effort. 


If you aren't tapped into your feminine energy, you can't manifest what you truly desire and unwanted experiences will be attracted to you.

And that's the last thing I want for you! 


I want you to thrive in life, to succeed, to live with ease and peace and joy, and to have all your dreams fulfilled!


But before that can happen, you MUST start to use your feminine energy. Because the creation of your true desires begins with authenticity.


...and your feminine energy is a huge part of your authenticity.

Normally, the 7-Day The Magic of Feminine Energy Program selles for $29.00. But for a limited time, you have access to this amazing process for only $29.

Only $9.99

For only $9.99, you can . . .

  • Harness the magnetic power of your feminine energy, to attract what you want in life, whether that be soul-aligned relationships, more success, more happiness, or anything else.

  • Learn how to recognize and utilize the power of your divine feminine intuition to help guide you toward the life and career you want.

  • Create inner safety so you feel heard, seen, and loved.

  • Realize that the feminine isn't weak, but our greatest strength.

  • Brighten your feminine radiance and in the process draw your desired experiences to you through your magnetism and radiance.

  • Start to heal your inner wounds by tapping into your feminine.

And so much more!

Now, it's up to you. . .


You can keep struggling and using masculine energy to compete, to fight, to struggle... 


Or you can try something different . . . a new way . . . and authentic way . . .

Click the “Buy Now” button 

and start on your journey to

unveil your divine feminine.

Only $9.99 for a limited time

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