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How to Build an Online Coaching

Empire in Any Economy!

To Transform - To Uplift - To Serve - To Inspire -To Heal - To Empower - To Love - To Liberate - To Lead

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Build Your Own Online Coaching Empire in 10 Days or Less!

The 10 Steps to Building an Online Coaching Empire


1. Awaken the Entrepreneur Power in You! (Mindset, Purpose, Passion, Confidence, and Commitment). 

2. Define your core message/values & write your mission/vision statement.

3. Build a memorable brand!


4. Get clear on your ideal client. 

5. Create a product/service that solves people’s problems.


6. Create a strategy/plan of action. 


7. Become the Queen of Marketing!


8. Live by the Golden Rules of successful entrepreneurs!

9. Follow your heart and intuition.

10. Take massive action, course-correct often, and continue to learn and grow!

To the Coach Who Is Struggling to Make Sales...

Hellen Keller said that life is a daring adventure or nothing at all. It has been my mission for the past 5 years to learn how to help my clients have the amazing adventurous lives they dream of.
When I first started my life coaching practice, I knew I could help people change for the better, through mindset, spirituality, psychology, changing beliefs, and healing their hearts. 
But what I didn't know was how to be a businesswoman... how to make sales... how to hone my message so my ideal clients would hear me and hire me.
Through trial and error, I finally mastered my sales strategy, incorporating things like my message, my values, a bulletproof sales process, marketing & advertising, entrepreneur mindset, and more. 
Speaking to other life coaches, I learned that all-too many struggled with how to make their life coaching practices profitable. To help remedy this, I created a simple, yet powerful 10-step process that can take any coaching practice from unprofitable to massively profitable.
If you're struggling to make sales, to be seen online, to attract your ideal clients, or to get clear on your brand, your core message, or your product/service, I'd love to show you how.
Click below and I'll tell you more about my Signature program "How to Build an Online Coaching Empire in 10 Days or Less."
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