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Triple Threat Signature




what is the Triple Threat SIGNATURE PROGRAM

Triple Threat Signature Program is an online course that helps you gain the confidence and tools you need to attract and keep the relationship you have been dreaming about.


If you’ve been wanting to attract the man of your dreams

and create a loving, lasting relationship with him,

Triple Threat  Signature Program is for you.


Get ready to be unapologetic about what you want and start creating that authentic relationship you've always dreamed of!

A Training for All Levels


​The Triple Threat Signature Program attracts women from a wide range of relationship backgrounds. I’ll help you wherever you are on your journey of personal and relationship growth and will guide you to become the best woman you can be so you can attract the man you can create a heaven on earth with. You have a strong desire to have a committed, loving, passionate, and lasting relationship with the man of your choosing — and I’ll guide you to your own empowerment so you can have exactly what you want. The only requirement is that you are willing to give it your all.


The man you choose to become a part of your life will have a massive impact on the quality of your life. Make sure to choose one who will enhance your existence instead of detract from it. This is why it's so important to learn to love and honor yourself first so you can attract a man who will do the same. Nothing is more difficult than to be in a relationship with the wrong person. So make sure you are aligned with yourself before you choose to welcome any man into your life.

Women Looking for First-Time Love

Not only are you choosing a man for you, you have your little one(s) to think about. If you're a single mom, chances are your first relationship didn't work out. Before choosing another partner, the most important thing you can do is get right with yourself and know what you want and need in a man. When you love yourself, your children will notice, as will the men you date. As a single mother, you don't have time or the emotional drama that some relationships cause. When you love yourself and gain confidence, when you are unapologetic about your needs, it's much easier to attract the right man for you and your children. 

Single Moms

Whether you wanted to end the marriage or not, divorce is one of the most stressful experiences a woman can go through, and most women need to heal and realign with themselves before dating again. However, most still dream of finding the true love their heart longs for. You don't want to attract another "lesson" but rather a partner and soul mate who can give you what you need. Before choosing again, make sure that you are right with you, and lasting love will come naturally.

Divorced Women Looking for true love


During the Triple Threat Signature Program, I’ll guide you to…

  • Identify and clear the blocks that keep you from attracting and having your dream relationship.

  • Follow my proven Triple Threat Method to raise your dating confidence levels so you can feel good about men and dating.

  • Clear blocks and transcend doubt with my Transform Limiting Beliefs Method.

  • Become unapologetic about your wants and needs in dating and relationships — and having men treat you the way you truly want them to.

  • Use your femininity to magnetize men to you.

  • Learn the way to date for empowerment — and have several men to choose from!

  • Gain the self-love and confidence to attract men who are a right fit for you.

  • Learn how to stand out in the dating world and on dating apps.


Step-by-Step Guidance

I’ll teach you the nuts and bolts of how to have self-love and confidence,  how to tap into and use your femininity to your advantage, how to begin to trust your intuition, how to become confident about dating, from first swipe or meetup to exclusivity, engagement, and marriage. I don’t hold anything back! Plus you’ll get my Dream Relationship Visualization to help you start envisioning your amazing future. You’ll gain valuable knowledge, strategies and techniques you can put to work right away.

Support Like No Other

One thing that women who take Triple Threat Signature Program enjoy the most about this course is the positivity, love and support they feel from me. The moment you begin the program, you’ll know you’re right where you’re supposed to be. You’ll be part of your very own team of two where we both focus on your dream relationship, how to make you ready, how to attract him, and how to navigate the challenges that come up. I'm 100% committed to my clients' success, and it is my intention to have every single one of them achieve their personal relationship goals. 

The Opportunity to Gain Unshakable Confidence, Not Just in the Area of Relationships, but in All Areas of Your Life

I believe the fastest path to relationship success starts with nurturing your relationship with yourself. Throughout the course, you’ll learn techniques and methods that will help you tune in to yourself and really come to know who you are and what you need to have a fulfilling relationship with your man. This course is about more than attracting and keeping the man of your wildest dreams — it’s also about transforming you to BECOME the woman who can achieve anything in life, and you'll leave with a quiet confidence you've never felt before.

A Flexible Online Experience 

The Triple Threat Signature Program is 100% online, so you can take it anywhere, anytime. And you have lifetime access to it, so you can take the course again whenever you want. But what really makes the Triple Threat Signature Program different from most online courses is that I also include a live video every week where you can ask questions and have them answered. Plus, you will receive  3 personal email exchanges with me throughout the course.


  • To gain the confidence to date high caliber men

  • The commitment from your man if he's dragging his feet... or the strength to walk away because he isn't right for you

  • To break free from feeling like a beggar in the dating world to being the irresistible woman men cherish

  • To create a sense of inner security and stability

  • To gain the knowledge to attract any man and keep him

  • To feel worthy in your relationships

  • To receive tools and techniques to uplevel your dating experience

  • To achieve confidence in yourself

  • A deep connection with yourself and your femininity... which is irresistible to men

  • A deeper connection with your man, or the men you are dating

  • Your dream relationship

  • And so much more...


Emily headshot.jpg

Well it has happened..... I married the love of my life! 


I have never had the feeling of such completeness as I do now. He is everything I wanted and so much more! I feel a connection with him I never knew existed. My days with him have been like being in the movies.


He has adopted my cute dog like she was his own! 


Thank you for all of your wisdom and support. I love him like I love myself. He truly treats me like a Queen and I am so grateful to have him as my King! 


I love you and thank you for everything! 

Digital Marketer

Emily Warner


I will be forever grateful to you Evelyn. I was struggling in my relationship and you helped me gain clarity and so much confidence. Instead of fighting all the time, my husband and I have a much more fun and fulfilling relationship... All because I learned to tap into my feminine energy.  Evelyn's perspective and mentorship is absolutely priceless. I give Evelyn and any of her coaching or programs my highest recommendation.


Sonja Peterson


Evelyn was amazing. I had just gone through a divorce and was starting to date when I came to her. I was struggling with quite a few different emotions but one of the biggest things that I was struggling with were beliefs I had about myself. I had gone to a couple of therapists before but still needed help. Evelyn helped me to realize where the thoughts and beliefs I had been having had stemmed from and helped me to be able to give myself a better view of myself and to be able to deal with the hardships I'd been through. No other therapist had done that for me. Evelyn genuinely cares. I would 100% go to her again and refer anyone I know to her.

Sales Manager

Heather Gresham


The Triple Threat Signature Program helps you start to date with confidence right away. Here’s what you can expect from the 8 weeks (with exercises and reading) and 12+ hours of video and podcast content:

Week 1​​


In Week 1, I begin with sharing my own story about my previous relationships. You will be able to relate to my journey, my heartache and my breakthroughs, and you will be able to draw upon it and gain your own strength and courage to release blocks and limiting beliefs, stepping into your own greatness, and believing that you can have a loving, committed, passionate relationship.

Then I’ll help you create inner safety so you can finally witness and face your fears about your worthiness, about men, and about relationships. You cannot progress unless you face your fears, but you cannot face your fears unless you have inner safety.


Next, we focus on bringing your fears to light and honoring them. Fear keeps you from having the relationship you desire, and has you stuck in old relationship patterns. It keeps you stuck in your life and in dating. Fear holds you frozen in time, unable to create the life and relationships you want — so we start with fear so you can begin to choose love and faith.

The first few weeks of the Triple Threat Signature Program, we focus on laying an important foundation for your current and/or future relationships. Laying this foundation is essential for attracting and keeping lasting and loving relationships and must be done first.

Week 1:

  • The first step in becoming a triple threat woman

  • I share my relationship journey

  • How to create inner safety 

  • How to recognize fear and how to face your fears, lovingly

  • How to start telling a different story so you can change your reality

  • How to open your heart and not live from fear

  • How to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs

Week 2


Week 2 is where we talk about the greatest power of all, the power of love.


We talk about self-love, about love for others, about love in romantic relationships, and about love as a universal force for good.

We discuss why so many women attract and fight for relationships that are rooted in fear instead of love, and how to break this painful cycle so you can attract and keep lasting and true love.


I help guide you through your limiting beliefs about love and loving relationships and help you see why your current or past relationships haven't worked.

Week 2:

  • Create a loving relationship with yourself and others

  • Learn to live from love instead of fear

  • What love is

  • How to use this power in your relationship

  • How to build a relationship on the foundation of love instead of neediness

Week 3


In Week 3, we dive deep into trust and acceptance. When we come to accept ourselves and our situation, this is when we can truly start to change.


When we trust in the process and that a greater power than ourselves will guide us, that the outcome will be for our best and for the best of all, we are able to feel completely free.

I help you gain trust in yourself and the choices you make. I help guide you to start trusting yourself and our abilities to create a loving, lasting relationship.

As we build trust in ourselves and in a greater power than ourselves (whether you call that power God, the Universe, your Higher Self or something else), we can come to build trust in our relationships. For a relationship to truly thrive, there needs to be trust, and it all starts with learning to trust ourselves.

Week 3:

  • Create a trusting relationship with yourself and others

  • Learn to live from trust instead of skepticism and doubt

  • What trust is... and isn't

  • How to build trust in your relationship(s) with men

  • Learn to trust in a higher power to guide you to what is best for you

Week 4


In week 4, we discuss in depth femininity and feminine energy. We talk about why it's so irresistible to men and how to utilize it in your relationships. I discuss how femininity is so misunderstood and misrepresented in the western world, and how powerful this force is.


When you come to a man with femininity, he doesn't feel it's a competition, and so he feels free to be himself and to give to you.

I cover the two types of feminine energy (the dark and the light) and help you understand both and their different power.

I discuss how to create polarity between masculine and feminine energies, and why this is an essential component of romantic relationships.

I also talk about masculine energy, how healthy masculinity feeds a woman's femininity, and how men are different than women.

I also help you to start trusting your intuition, to recognize its voice, and to learn to follow that voice.

Week 4:

  • Learn about feminine and masculine energy, how they are different, and how they complement each other

  • What feminine energy is... and isn't 

  • How to nurture your femininity and use it in dating and relationships

  • Your intuition, and how it's closely related to your femininity

  • How to understand men and what drives them

Week 5


In week 5, I cover in great detail how to change your limiting beliefs (about yourself, about men, and about relationships), through the process of meditation, journaling, and visualization.


If you believe you aren't worthy of your dream realtionship or your dream man, this is just a belief. When we have low self confidence in our relationship abilities or other, we are buying into negative beliefs about ourselves. To learn to be worthy, confident, or whatever you want, all you have to do is change your belief about it. And during this week, I show you exactly how.

We may have dozens, or even hundreds of limiting beliefs (ex: I'm not good enough, I'm not pretty enough, I'm not skinny enough... etc.), but the process for changing them is the same for all of them.

It's when you are able to pinpoint and change a belief that you become truly empowered and truly start to create the life of your wildest dreams. 

Week 5:

  • Learn exactly how to change your limiting beliefs to empowering ones

  • Take back your power by believing in your worth and value

  • The fastest way to change beliefs

  • Start to see yourself from a new perspective of a woman who can and will have her dream relationship

  • Work on mother and father wounds

Week 6


In week 6, we discuss rotation dating. In today's world, dating one man at a time sets you up for feeling needy and at the mercy of one man. 

Learning to become a triple threat woman is all about empowering you, so you feel your very best during the dating process, from first date to marriage and beyond.

Neediness is the #1 killer of attraction, and it's something I see a lot in coaching women. They become prematurely attached to one man, and he loses interest... not because he's not interested, but because attraction is lost when she expects him to fill the void.

In a relationship, both parties have to give 100%. One cannot love from a place of fear, and neediness is rooted in fear. When a woman dates in rotation, she has several men giving to her, and it reduces the risk of neediness 10X by having her receive from several men.

What's in this Module:

  • Learn the ins and outs of rotation dating

  • Learn to eliminate neediness in relationships with men before it starts

  • Learn how to receive from men and feel energized

  • How to be seen as girlfriend and wife material instead of friend or just hookup material

  • How to get your dating app profile noticed

  • Learn to use your femininity in dating

Week 7


In week 7, we discuss how to inspire a man to commit. Men don't respond well to ultimatums or by being pressured into a relationship. Men seek for freedom, and if he feels controlled, he will withdraw. This is why it's essential to be loving, but not controlling.

I'll also teach you how to lean back without being a doormat and without losing your voice.

Men are drawn to emotional connection as much as women are. The way to a man's heart is your authenticity and vulnerability, not neediness or anger.

I'll teach you about red flags and how to avoid abusive, controlling men.

This week, I'll also cover how to be empowered by your emotions and not let your emotions run you. When we live from love instead of fear, this is when we find stability, confidence, and a sense of peace no matter what happens in our dating and relationship world.

Week 8


Finally, in week 8, we put it all together and continue the process of dating as a powerful, yet feminine woman who possesses confidence, femininity, and who empowers herself in dating and also in life.


We delve into how to overcome challenges along the way, how to navigate emotions, and how to heal past wounds as they arise. 


I'll guide you through meditations on how to release and overcome emotional blocks and give you tools to manage the powerful and sometimes overwhelming emotions that arise in dating and relationships.

And finally, I help you gain clarity about the man you want to attract. Now that you have worked through many limiting beliefs, you'll be able to see more clearly how you want your man to treat you, how you want to feel around your man, what type of relationship you TRULY want, and much more.

The quality of your life has a lot to do with the quality of your relationships, and it all starts with you becoming the beautiful, confident, self-assured woman who can attract and keep the relationship that will have you feeling 100% fulfilled and happy. 

Week 7:

  • How to inspire a man to commit

  • Learn when and how to lean back without being a doormat

  • Why emotional safety and support is so important for a man

  • Learn about red flags

  • Don't be afraid of getting played... you're in charge

  • Don't be at the mercy of your emotions, but empowered by them

Week 8:

  • Learn how to overcome and move through emotional blocks

  • Learn to meditate to release fears, gain clarity, and let go of resistance

  • Get a 100% clear picture of the relationship you want

  • Let go of fear and embrace vulnerability and love

  • How to navigate and overcome past wounds as they arise

  • Continue to grow confidence


Valued at $99.00, but included for free in the Triple Threat Signature Program!

Your Dream Relationship

Valued at $1,000, but included free in the Triple Threat Signature Program!

2 X 60-minute one-on-one
phone sessions with me so you can have all your dating and relationship questions answered!

Valued at $750, but included free in the Triple Threat Signature Program!

3 Q & A email exchanges with  me to help answer all your questions and gain clarity!

Valued at $199.00, but included free in the Triple Threat Signature Program!

The "Get Him Hooked on You" 4-week program, which will help you create intense and lasting attraction with your man.

That's $2,048 in bonuses!


Normally, the Triple Threat Signature Program sells for $1,999.00

But when you sign up on or before July 15, you get all this for only $499!

For $499 you get:

  • Triple Threat Digital course ($1,999)

  • 2 X one-on-one sessions with Evelyn ($1,000)

  • 3 email Q&A exchanges with Evelyn ($750)

  • Your Dream Relationship Visualization ($99)

  • Get Him Hooked on You 4-Week Program ($199)

That’s a $4,047 value for just $499!

Choose the payment plan that works best for you...

2 Payments of
1 Payment of


If you decide the Triple Threat Signature Program isn’t for you, no worries!

If you contact me before midnight MST on Aug. 5th, 2019 to request a refund I will give you your money back. I offer this refund policy because it’s fair and simple to understand. But after midnight MST on Aug 5th, 2019, I don’t offer refunds.



What’s the schedule for the program? Can I take it at my own pace?

The Triple Threat Signature Program is an 8-week training where each week builds upon the last. The content will be delivered over the 8-week period and you’ll receive weekly encouragement emails. You can choose to take the course as the modules are released, or you can take it at your own pace.

You receive immediate access to the "Your Dream Relationship Visualization" and you will receive the "Get Him Hooked on You" 4-week program at the end of the 8 weeks. Within 48 hours of enrolling, you will also receive an email to schedule your one-on-one phone sessions with me. 

Week 1 access to the Triple Threat Signature Program on Monday, Aug. 5th

Week 2 Released Monday, Aug. 12th

Week 3 Released Monday, Aug. 19th

Week 4 Released Monday, Aug. 26th

Week 5 Released Monday, Sep. 2nd

Week 6 Released Monday, Sep. 9th

Week 7 Released Monday, Sep. 16th

Week 8 Released Monday, Sep. 23rd

How is the course content delivered?

This course offers online learning so you can take the program from anywhere, no travel required! Each week's lessons, exercises and videos/podcasts are delivered directly to your inbox. Plus there are detailed worksheets to support your learning. 

If I’m in a relationship, is this course still for me?

Yes! All types of women will benefit from this training. Single women who are ready for love; divorced women who want to make sure they love themselves so they can attract someone perfect for them; moms who are looking to find Mr. Right; women who have been in abusive or toxic relationships and don't want to make the same relationship mistakes again, and women who are in a relationship but feel they are stuck in non-commitment or unfulfillment. This training is for any woman who wants to have the relationship she knows is out there.

What can I expect from the training?

This is a one-of-a-kind training, unique in style and lessons. Throughout the course, I will share my most intimate stories of how I overcame my limiting beliefs about love and relationships and was able to attract and date men who were worthy of me. Through the stories, lessons and exercises, I’ll guide you to do the inner work and gain the confidence to take uplevel your dating and relationship experience. I’ll also share concrete, practical and actionable tools for dating, standing out on dating apps, attracting men who you love to date and who treat you like a queen. I'll also help guide you to date in a feminine manner, inspiring him to step up and claim you.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, there is a 2-month payment plan available, first payment due before the course begins, and the second payment due Sept. 2nd before the start of week 4. 

How many times a year is this course available?

For now, I open enrollment for the digital course only once a year, and I may never offer these amazing bonuses again. Registration for 2019 closes at 7 pm MST on Aug. 1st. If you’re feeling called, now is the time to register! And remember — there is no risk in enrolling. If you decide the Triple Threat Signature Program isn’t for you, I offer a no-questions-asked refund through Aug. 5th, 2019.


What is the refund policy?

If you decide the Triple Threat Signature Program isn’t for you, no worries!

If you contact me before midnight MST on Aug. 5th, 2019 to request a refund I will give you your money back. I offer this refund policy because it’s fair and simple to understand. But after midnight MST on Aug 5th, 2019, we don’t offer refunds. If at any point before August 5th you feel this just isn’t for you, email and I’ll issue a full refund. The Triple Threat Signature Program requires you to do deep inner work and be willing to explore all possibilities. You can’t dabble when it comes to becoming the woman who can attract the man of your dreams and create the relationship your heart calls you to. It’s a commitment — and one that delivers BIG results. If you aren’t ready to make that commitment, then I honor where you are. But fair warning — once enrollment closes, it’s closed for a full year. And if you request a refund, you can’t undo it once it’s processed. My team and I open registration for the Triple Threat Signature Progam just once a year because it’s truly important to me that I spend most of my time serving my clients rather than promoting. If you’re ready to attract and keep the relationship you desire, love yourself fully and gain the confidence to have the relationship you’ve been dreaming of, then this course is for you.

I’m not sure whether TTS Digital is right for me.

I get it — it's an investment, and it’s smart to take it seriously. If it’s truly out of your reach financially, I honor your decision to take care of yourself. However, if it’s the case that you’re hesitant to invest in yourself and your current or future relationship, then check in with your inner guidance system AKA, your inner voice. To attract and keep the relationship of your dreams, we must believe in ourselves fully, which includes being willing to invest in our success. Finally, remember that I have a 2-payment plan if you prefer not to pay in full up front.

I’m not sure I’m ready to make a big change.

Upleveling yourself and who you date can bring up resistance. I’ve been there many times myself, and I know that taking a leap can be scary — so I want to share what I’ve asked myself in these situations:

  • How long am I willing to let fear hold me back?

  • Am I truly committed to keeping things the way they are or am I ready to commit to a better relationship future?

  • How long am I willing to put my dream relationship on hold?

  • What type of guidance and support do I need to change my limiting beliefs about me, men, and dating, and to finally manifest my dream relationship?

How do I schedule my phone sessions with you and my email exchanges?

Within 48 hours of purchasing the digital course, you will receive an email from me where we will work out the details. I recommend scheduling the first one-on-one phone session within one week of starting the course, and the second phone session around a week before the course has been completed. I also recommend scheduling your email exchanges every few weeks.

What if I have more questions?

I'm ready to answer them! Just email me at



This course will transform how you see yourself, how you relate to men, how you date, and will transform your relationships.

You’ll stop wishing for that dream relationship and start ATTRACTING men who see your value and who treat you like a queen … AND you’ll have amazing relationships for it. It’s happened for many other women, and it will happen for you too.

When you finish the last week, close your workbook and turn off your computer, you will…

  • Start taking love-aligned action on your dream relationship, free of the fear, self-doubt, and unworthiness that held you back in the past.

  • Feel confident in your ability to attract and keep your dream man.

  • Know how to stand out on dating apps and in the dating world.

  • Know how to get the attention of any man you’re trying to attract so that you are seen and heard, no longer invisible.

  • Be unapologetic about what you want and need in a relationship.

  • Know how to create a passionate, loving, committed relationship, all while receiving from your man.

  • Have a ton of self-development and relationship-building tools you can return to and lean on as often as you want.


Register for Triple Threat Signature Program now to lock in...

            The digital course ($1,999)

            2 one-on-one phone sessions with Evelyn ($1,000)

            3 email Q&A exchanges with Evelyn ($750)

            Your Dream Relationship Visualization ($99)

            The 4-week Get Him Hooked on You Program ($199)

            That’s a $4,047 value for just $499!

Choose the payment plan that works best for you...

2 Payments of
1 Payment of