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DAY 5: Your Wildest Dreams Challenge
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Here is how I helped people just like you gain unshakable confidence and create the lives they wanted...

Using the simple, yet immensely effective process that has worked for hundreds of people to make their dreams a reality faster than they ever believed possible.

How? I extracted the most powerful methods of world-renown psychologists, self-development leaders, spiritual teachers, and manifestation experts and put them all in this program!

Apply what the 4-week program teaches and you will begin to gain unshakable confidence, develop radical self-love, and manifest your desires and dreams, too!

Please Check All Of The Questions Where Your Answer Is YES!

  • Do you feel unconditional self-love eludes you?
  • Do you feel you are unworthy or just not good enough?
  • Do you wish you had more self-confidence so you could go after the life you really want?
  • Are you just getting started manifesting, and have NO IDEA where to start?
  • Are you in a dead end job that you hate, and want to attract a career you love but don't believe you can?
  • Have you been trying to manifest a dream for ages but you feel stuck and are losing hope?     
  • Are you fed up with woo-woo manifestation methods that are unable to help you truly change your limiting beliefs about you?     
  • Are you frustrated with your life, but not sure where or how to change?
  • Have you almost given up on your dreams because they are just too painful to try and manifest?​
  • Have you had it with the Law of Attraction?
  • Do you want to be free from self-doubt, worry, stress, and anxiety and live with joy, confidence, abundance, a sense of self-worth and a solid belief in yourself?
If You answered 'yes' to any of the questions above, then I invite you to invest in the "Unshakable Confidence Program." 

Here Is How The Program Works...

At the beginning of the program, you will schedule a one-hour phone consultation with me to help you get started. Every weekday of the 4-week program, you will receive an email to kick off the day. In it will be your daily inspirational read, your exercises for the day, and sometimes a video. You will also receive 4 personal email exchanges with me (one per week). I'll be covering topics like meditation, the step-by-step process of how to love yourself, how to gain self-confidence, how to change your beliefs, the easiest ways to manifest, and so much more. Once you have completed the four weeks, we'll schedule another phone session to help you move forward and discuss tools for retaining and implementing what you have learned.

In exchange for your small investment, you:

  • Receive 4 weekly printable workbooks, which includes a short exercise for each workday.
  • Learn how to stop fear and anxiety from running your life.
  • Learn how to shift your attention, a powerful method for staying high-vibe.
  • Learn about your Authentic Self and how to align with your Authentic Self so your dreams manifest on autopilot.
  • Have in your hands, the most powerful techniques, which will have you manifesting at the quantum level (AKA instant manifestation).
  • Learn about the five steps to manifest WHATEVER you want!
  • Receive the 5 X 55 Ritual, which will have you aligned with your dreams in no time!
  • Receive the "Your Dream Life Visualization," the easiest way to reprogram your beliefs.
  • Begin to see things in a different light, never again to be at the mercy of your circumstances and programming but a creator of your reality!
  • Learn about the law of vibration and your role in the law of attraction.
  • Pre-recorded videos.
  • And so much more!


Are You Afraid You Won't Ever Have the Life You Truly Want?


I know the feeling... and it's one of the worst places to be in... To want something with all your heart and believe you can't have it.

To feel you lack the confidence to achieve it...

To feel you are unworthy and not enough...


You have dreams and desires that are very important to you, but perhaps you find yourself stuck in a cycle of getting what you don't want...


Or maybe you find yourself giving up on your dream...


We are here on planet Earth to dream, to create, to manifest our desires.  However, so few people have learned how to have the confidence necessary to deliberately create their realities.


But here's the thing... everyone has it in them to create the life they REALLY want. 


They just need the right tools! The right mindset! Unshakable confidence! Radical self-love!


So if you're wanting to manifest your REAL dream life, to tap into YOUR personal power, and are ready to once and for all manifest your dreams, you can be on the path to manifest all your desires TODAY.


Whether you are looking to love yourself a little bit more and have a  little more confidence, or need a complete overhaul of your relationship with yourself, the steps you'll receive in "Unshakable Confidence" will empower you to make radical changes.


But first... why is this program so freaking effective?



Why This Program?

There are countless Life Coaches out there, some who claim to give you the answers to all your problems. The difference between them and me is that I teach you to go inward and tap into your own infinitely powerful potential, the most powerful force in all the Universe if used correctly.
You see... We ALL have the power within us to manifest ANYTHING we want. We are ALL limitless, but so many people don't know how to tap into their unlimited potential. 
How would you feel if you had...
More confidence
More self-love
Less anxiety
Less stress
More abundance
More love
Less self-doubt
Happiness that never ends
Everything you could ever dream of... because you had the confidence to manifest it?
In "Unshakable Confidence" I show you step-by-step how to achieve the mindset and beliefs you NEED to have the life you desire. I'm going to help you shift your attention so you no longer live in lack or pain. I'm going to help you draw upon your strength and start to believe you can achieve WHATEVER you want.
And before you know it...
You will be one of those people who is living the life you want...
You'll feel so happy that you finally figured out HOW to stop the self-doubt, how to love yourself, TRULY love yourself, and how to deliberately create your dream reality...
Your life will be what you dreamed it would be... and even better!
And you will feel so confident that you will be able to achieve WHATEVER you desire.
Now imagine... what would that be like if you were one of my success stories? If you had unshakable confidence? If you felt at ease and at peace wherever you went because you KNEW how worthy you are.
"I've never met anyone as knowledgable as Evelyn. Once I started using her techniques, I tripled my income, met and got engaged to the man of my dreams, and became happier than I ever had been."
~Anne W.
"I have been so fortunate to work one-on-one with Evelyn! Since we started working together, most of my anxiety has vanished, I've shifted my mindset, my confidence in myself has grown. Just a few simple shifts and my dreams became reality!"
~Sonja P.
"I can't begin to tell you how much Evelyn has helped me. One session with her, and I had more epiphanies than I had working with my old counselor for years. She is truly gifted when it comes to helping people overcome their fears. I owe her so much and feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her~Tara K.


Now is the time for you to gain unshakable confidence and radical self love...


Make no mistake. This program will help you start to change you as soon as you understand and implement the concepts!

Again, In the Unshakable Confidence program you will:


  • Learn about self-love

  • Learn about your Authentic Self and why authenticity is essential to have the life you want.

  • Receive the most effective tools for gaining confidence.

  • Have in your hands, the most powerful techniques, processes, and exercises to eliminate self-doubt, fear, and low self-esteem.

  • Learn exactly how to change your limiting beliefs!

  • Receive the 5X55 Ritual, which will have you aligned with your dreams in no time!

  • Begin to see things in a different light and not be at the mercy of your circumstances but a creator of your reality!

  • Receive the "All Dreams Fulfilled Ritual" (the easiest way to rewrite your beliefs!)

  • Learn about the law of vibration and your role in the law of attraction.

  • And more!


You Are Always Manifesting...


If you don't have the life you want or are manifesting things you don't want, this means you are manifesting from your old, outdated, learned programming, and further, it means you have programmed beliefs that will keep you stuck in the same cycle forever... until you release your negative beliefs and take on new ones. 


How much longer do you want to remain in this painful cycle?


All I want for you is to live your dream life... for you to have ALL your desires... to not look back at your life and regret what could have been... what would have been yours had you just learned to master your mindset and change your beliefs.

I have spent years reading, studying, meditating, sorting, and educating myself on what brings about the FASTEST manifestation. This challenge is so powerful because it contains the MOST important points on how to bring your dreams into reality. I've studies teachers like Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Neville Goddard, Abraham Hicks, Gabrielle Bernstein, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, and many, many more.


I've taken what I have learned, used it in my own life with AMAZING RESULTS, and have created this program so you may have the benefit of all my knowledge. Again, I know nothing is more painful than having a dream and not being able to achieve it. I want you to achieve your dreams. Every one of them.


Normally, this program sells for $2499.00, and right now it's available to the general public for $999.00.


But because you completed the 5-Day Your WIldest Dreams Challenge, this program is available to you for only one payment of $499, or two payments of $299 (due 2 weeks into the course). 


Can You Imagine...​

  • Having Unshakable confidence.

  • Loving yourself, unconditionally.

  • Having an epic mindset that will give you what you want in life.

  • Transforming fear-based beliefs to love.

  • KNOWING you can create the EXACT life you want because you have the confidence to do it.

  • Beginning to manifest your dreams and desires instead of what you don't want.

  • Manifesting the easy way, the deliberate way instead of spinning your wheels and working way harder than is needed.

  • Learning how to reprogram your mind for happiness and success by utilizing powerful tools.

  • Getting rid of negative beliefs once and for all so your dreams flow to you effortlessly. 

  • Learning how to wire yourself for MAXIMUM manifestations.

  • Learning how to create reality so that reality plays by your rules and not the other way around. 


Now, the choice is in your hands... 


I want to help you, more than you can imagine. Because I KNOW how painful it is to feel stuck and to not believe that your dreams and desires can become your reality.


However, I can't make the decision for you. The final decision is yours.


You can keep doing what you've always been doing and get the same results... attract the same relationships... make the same amount of money... live the same day over and over and over... or you can take a leap of faith and witness for yourself YOUR dreams coming true.

Before I leave you, let me say this: Trust in your importance. Trust in your dreams. Know you are so worthy. KNOW you are destined to manifest your dreams. Your dreams were given to YOU (no one else) for a reason: so YOU could manifest them. When will you begin to take your life seriously?





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