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How does this challenge work, Evelyn?

It’s super easy, but oh, so ultra powerful. Every morning of the 5-Day challenge, you’ll receive a link from me that will take you to the video of the day. So check your email daily because the link is ONLY available through your email!


Once the video pops up, just watch it, soak up all the knowledge on how to uplevel your beliefs, take a few notes, and make sure you enter to win the prize giveaway that is on the page.


Wait, there’s a prize giveaway? What is it and how do I enter?

There are 3 prize giveaways, and the winners get to choose between a free copy of my 14-Day program, “Manifest a Millionaire Mindset,” or the 7-Day Program, “The Magic of Feminine Energy!”


To enter the drawing, log into your Instagram account & follow me right now if you aren't already! @Destined_to_manifest. Once you’ve watched the video of the day, go to Instagram, create a short post about your goals with the challenge, and tag me #destined_to_manifest. You can tag me up to 10 times throughout the challenge, and every time you tag me, your chances of winning will increase. ;)


The winners will be chosen the day after the challenge has ended, and will be announced in my facebook group Destined to Manifest. So if you’re not yet part of the group, make sure to join by clicking here: JOIN DESTINED TO MANIFEST GROUP


And that’s it! I'll be emailing you soon! Make sure you look out for my email on the 2nd to kick off this challenge!


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