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When to Surrender

Pink Sea

When you start to become aware of what a powerful creator you and realize you have the power to deliberately create your reality, it can feel overwhelming in the beginning.


When do I focus and when do I surrender? The reality is, the balance is a delicate one, but once you have mastered it, the process of deliberate manifestation will go so much smoother.


There are 2 major components to deliberate manifestation: intention and surrender. In short, intention is getting into the vibrational alignment of what you desire, and surrender is trusting the Universe to bring you the best possible outcome. The trick is to not try and force things but at the same time, not be lazy in maintaining your vibration.


To create an intention, one the Universe recognizes and responds to, you need to match your desire with an elevated emotion. Elevated emotions are things like love, abundance, peace... etc. But how do we create these elevated emotions inside of us if they aren’t already there?  By deliberately thinking, feeling, speaking, acting, and Being the person who already is already living with the desired outcome. Day in and day out you need to remain in this intention. The best way I have found to maintain this vibrational state is to meditate.


Once you have reached that state, you must live in a state of surrender, leaving the “how-it’s-going-to-happen" to the Universe. It's important to note that usually, things don’t manifest the way we expect them to. In fact, sometimes, it might even seem as if we’re moving away from our desires and that the Universe is only delivering what we don’t want. But this is the Universe’s way of clearing the path for you. Remember, you don’t know the “how.” The “how” is up to the Universe.


If you get frustrated in the process because things aren’t happening fast enough, or in the order you want them to, this simply means you need to work more on trusting the Universe. Your job is not to force things. Your job is to stay in vibrational alignment with what you desire. Period.


Once you have practiced the vibration over and over, you will start to feel natural about your desire, as if it’s a part of you. You come to be it, to embody it, to feel comfortable with it. Your need for your desire will diminish and you are no longer in your own way. This is when the Universe brings you your desire.

And isn't that just the sweetest thing, to know you deliberately brought into your existence what you wanted, to know you created your own reality? 


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