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Dear Beautiful Soul,


        It is my privilege to share with you a small portion of my "Manifest

Your Destiny Challenge." As I worked on healing my inner wounds and

returning to love, and have helped others do so as well, it has become

even more clear to me exactly how important it is to know who you truly are.

If you don't know who you are, you cannot manifest what you want, it's as simple as that.

        When I first started manifesting, I was programmed to be true to fear and my limeting beliefs instead of love and my True Self. I was loyal to what I thought I should manifest instead of what I actually wanted to manifest. In fact, I was so upside down that I couldn't tell the difference between love and fear.

        It is my goal that after you have read this, that you really start to grasp who you are and that you come to realize you are so much more infinitely powerful than you ever thought. It is my desire for you to see the nature of your True Self, which is a limitless being of love, light, infinite potential and limitless power.



Have you ever had days where you just feel terrible? Where you are grumpy, or depressed, or sad, or angry, or confused, or ashamed, or any variety of negative emotions? When I used to feel bad, I thought that there was something wrong with me, or something wrong with others, or something wrong with my experience. I’d blame a person or myself or the situation for how I felt and for how my life was going.


I had so many conditions in my life and I’d blame every single condition. I’d think things like, “He made me feel that way.” Or, “That experience made me feel that way.” Or, “If this was different, I’d feel better.” I was a victimaholic, addicted to my need to be a victim and make everyone and everything else the perpetrators and the robbers of my alignment and happiness. When you look at it that way, it does sound kind of silly, right?

When I started to do inner work, I realized that my happiness or my lack of happiness all had to do with one thing, and one thing only: Whether or not I was one with my True Self and the vision and dreams my True Self had for me.

Before we delve into discussing what the True Self is, let’s discuss who it is that you are not. Most people believe they are their thoughts or feelings or physical bodies. Or perhaps the believe they are their personality or even their labels, like mother, daughter, wife, lover, lawyer, or any other career label. We get so caught up in our lives that we lose track of who we truly are and identify ourselves to be physical manifestations instead of divine creators.

To gain some perspective on the fact that you are not your body, nor your thoughts, feelings or beliefs, let’s talk about your physical body for a moment. Consider all the bodies you have embodies since you were born onto this planet. First, you were an infant, then a toddler, then a child who grew into a teenager, who finally arrived into adulthood. Perhaps you are older, and if you are, you realize that your 20-year old body was very different than your 50-year old body. Your 20-year old thoughts were very different than your five-year old thoughts. Your 20-year old beliefs were very different than your 10-year old beliefs. Even so, there has been a constant that is you, an essence that has remained true to itself, a creator and observer who is not a physical being. An ancient spiritual avatar once said, “That is real which never changes.” Since your physical body is in a constant state of change, it cannot be who you are.

So what is the True Self? Some people call this your higher self, or your ideal self, or your eternal self, or even your inner Being. But it’s all the same thing. The reason I like to call this you your “True Self” is because it's the version of you without your faulty beliefs and conditioning. It is the you in your truest, purest, most real form. It's the version of you that you aspire to be, but it is also the version of you that already exists in pure vibrational form.

Your True Self always approves of you and loves you unconditionally. It never judges. It never leaves you and it loves and cares for you and always pays attention to your thoughts, feelings, actions, and anything you might experience. It won’t ever tell you to do or say something. It doesn’t try to control you. It's always at peace, even in the most stressful of moments. It's not of this world but is pure consciousness, pure Love, pure abundance, pure joy, ever expansive, ever peaceful, and ever giving. It's the essence of you that calls you to shed your fears and faulty fears and perceptions that have temporarily clouded your view of the perfect being you are. 

  Your True Self is who you really are, without your negative beliefs, without limitations, without pain and drama and heartache. Your True Self knows every detail of all your dreams and holds the vibration of your dreams steady so you can move toward them. Your True Self is always true to you. It never wavers. It never gives up. It desires for you to have all your dreams fulfilled. In fact, it is already living the reality of your desires and dreams!

Your True Self is your Source of everything you need because it lacks for nothing. In short, your True Self is all that comprises you in your true-to-you-and-your-desires form. It's the pure form of you without a single physical manifestation (thoughts, feelings, beliefs etc.).  However, we all veer away from our True Selves. This is because we received faulty programming as children, and were conditioned to go against ourselves. 

When your desires match its desires, when your thoughts and feelings match its thoughts and feelings, when you see yourself from the perspective that your True Self sees you, when you believe and know what your True Self believes and knows, you feel in perfect harmony and feel you are finally thinking, being, acting, feeling true to who you are. That is when you will naturally and easily manifest all your dreams and desires.

Your True Self is also consciousness, which is the watcher who witnesses your thoughts, your emotions, your beliefs, your actions, other peoples actions, etc. It is the non-judgmental observer of what has been created and the observer of the distance between what has been created and what yearns to be created. It is the all-seeing eye within you and it sees, hears, feels, and knows all. 


Even though I try to explain in words how very vast and loving and real this True Self is, I know I fall short. This is because the True Self is ever expansive, it is everything and nothing. It knows all, loves all, and is eternal. 

There is no way to comprehend with your mind what your True Self is. That is because it has to be felt. It is the part of you that is eternal and will never change. It always has been and it will always be. It exists 100% in the realm of the non-physical, so your physical mind and your physical thoughts cannot understand its awareness. But there is still a way to experience your True Self.

Let’s try a simple exercise. Sit with your eyes closed and try to just feel for your True Self. Try to be aware of it in feeling, and feel how it exists. Don’t use your mind to analyze or judge it. Try and find it behind the thought, or at a deeper level. Try to remove all thought from your mind and just feel into your True Self. Once all thought has been removed, you will reach a place of “no mind.”


You might only be able to feel a moment’s glimpse of your True Self, but with time, you will be able to hold your True Self in your awareness for longer. Once you can be present in the now with your True Self for longer, you will realize there is a great sense of peace and stillness. Over time, you will also be able to tap into the natural state of joy that your True Self always resides within. Reside in the presence of Your True Self as often as you would like. It feels amazing!

Another way to feel your True Self is to ask it what it thinks, feels and believes about you. I started doing this by asking my True Self what it thought about me, how it viewed my dreams. I would just feel into it. I’d ask my True Self what my True dream was and how that dream felt. From the perspective of my True Self, my life was and always is amazing!



So what’s the connection between your True Self and your dreams and desires? Your True Self gave you your dreams, but your True Self cannot manifest your dreams for you. If your programmed self is vibrating at a different frequency than your True Self, deliberate manifestation cannot happen.

The True Self is quite satisfied where it is and never wants for anything. It is always your programmed self that yearns to be with the True Self because you feel the discord and know you are not being true to you. 

Dreams and desires are a powerful way for us to return to our True Selves. Why? Because innately we know that it is only through the shedding of untruth (our negative disempowering programming) that we can manifest our dreams and desires. The negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs of your programmed self cannot manifest the dreams and desires that your True Self gave you. But the True Self is the best friend ever as it is always standing as a beacon, calling you toward it so you can have your dreams and desires. 

Your job is to vibrationally match the vibration of your True Self (thoughts, feelings, beliefs), and that is when your desires and dreams will start to manifest as physical matter in your outer world.

As you know, we are here on earth to have a “human” experience. Human experience means to manifest in the physical realm. Here on earth we are the gods who can create and destroy matter. And we do all this by our thoughts, our intentions, our vibrations, and our imaginations.


To deliberately manifest anything in your life you must first decide which of your dreams you want to manifest, then bring into this world physical manifestations at their earliest stages (thoughts, feelings, beliefs), which will in turn eventually cause outer world physical manifestations. Manifesting what you want is first and foremost a game of inner vibration, it’s a game of changing your Inner Field.

Once you are in alignment with your True Self, life is amazing. You feel you are complete, that you are whole, that nothing is lacking, and that all is well, no matter your circumstances. But what is equally exciting about being in alignment with your True Self is that you can create exactly the life that you want and manifest any dream you have come to desire.




Most people have been conditioned to try and get their needs met from outside sources like other people or experiences. However, the fastest way to misery and an unfulfilled life is to try and make anything other than your True Self your True Source of everything. 

We get in trouble when we try to receive what we need from any other source than our True Selves. If you seek happiness, love, joy, peace, or other fulfilling states of being from your programmed self, you will not find it there. If you seek love, joy, peace, happiness, or any other vibration from others, you’re in trouble. If you seek what you need and want from your experiences, you will always feel let down. 

When we seek True Self vibrations from others, we will always feel lack and feel cheated. This is because the wholeness of any positive vibration, of the eternal vibrations, of the true vibrations, cannot ever be found in another human being or a situation, period. We are here as humans to receive all that we need from our True Selves. In your True Self, you will find what you are seeking for and that which will make you happy, joyful, content, peaceful, harmonious, and more. Your True Self has a never-ending supply of every vibration you are yearning for and further, your True Self is always ALWAYS wanting to give it to you. 

To tap into this limitless abundance of your True Self, all you have to do is tune in and receive. You don’t have to try and manufacture it. It’s already there. You don’t have to beg for it, it’s given freely when you open your heart and mind to receive. Your True Self always loves you unconditionally. Your True Self will never guide you astray and it wants for your happiness and joy more than you can ever realize. 


So what specifically is it that we can receive from our True Selves? The short answer is: anything that is good and that feels good to you, or anything that is in alignment with your truth and with your dreams and desires. Our True Self has a limitless supply of whatever it is that we need for all our dreams to manifest easily and without struggle. 

More specifically, our True Self has endless supplies of love, peace, wellness, happiness, joy, gratitude, and any emotion that feels good to us. This is because our True Self is all those things. The True Self also has an unlimited supply of ideas, thoughts, epiphanies, beliefs, feelings, and more that could immediately have us manifesting into our reality whatever it is that we want. The reason we do not manifest whatever it is what we want when we want it is because we are fighting and resisting our true natures, or our True Selves.

If you were to become one with your True Self right here right now, you would feel like you were in heaven! It’s a realm where peace, joy, happiness, love, and euphoria abide. I have had many moments and days where I felt I was one with my True Self, and there are no words to describe how absolutely amazing it feels.

I hope that you have now truly come to understand why dreams and desires are such an important part of your life, and realize that your desires might be much more important, much more sacred than you have come to believe. I hope that this has helped you realize how limitless your True Self is.

Much Love,





To manifest what you want, all you need to do is match your beliefs with your desires. 


If you're ready to shift your beliefs in a big way, I highly recommend my 30-Day Manifest Your Ultimate Destiny Challenge. This will help you rewrite your beliefs so you can start living the reality of your wildest dreams. 

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